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Anthology Release Day for Love in Black & White

LoveinBlack&White_MEDHappy Monday!!!! I’m excited to be part of an Interracial Anthology with some fabulous authors. Love in Black and White releases today. This is my last published work for the year of 2014 and while 2014 draws to an end. I’ve had a fabulous year.

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thZoey Gray lives for the chocolate recipes she drums up. Sole Owner of Indulgence, a sweet shop that draws customers from far and wide. Her thriving business has surpassed her wildest dreams…though she longs for the right man to tickle her taste buds.  Life couldn’t be better until the shop next to her is sold and a new pastry shop emerges.

Khristos Trakis loves his sister. When she begs him to buy her the spot next to a trendy popular sweet shop to open a Greek pastry bakery, he’s prepared to tell his darling sibling no, until he catches a glimpse of a woman and how she interacts with her patrons. Mesmerized by her enchanting face and curvaceous figure, he recants his decision for the opportunity to meet the breathtaking woman wanting to be the recipient of her bright as a ray of sunshine smile.

Tag: Who says rival business neighbors can’t mix competition and pleasure. All that’s needed are the right ingredients.




When you’re not visualizing the demise of the store across the street, what do you like to do for fun?”

“Hey, I don’t wish for the death of anything, however, if she were to move to another part of town, I wouldn’t complain. As for fun, the usual, movies, dinner, skydiving…”

“Iliahtida, skydiving? If God meant for us to have wings, I’d be daring. I’m no bird, so I’ll fly in a plane, but not jump out of one. I’d love to take you out to do whatever makes you happy outside of dares and stunts.”


“Means sunshine in Greek. I saw your smile from the street when I was passing by one day. Now, whenever I see you, I’m reminded of what drew me to your store.”

Zoey searched his face for signs he was joking or teasing. He looked genuine and regarded her with a questioning stare. His stare turned heated, igniting a fire in her belly. She squirmed in her seat, waiting for the moment to pass. It never did, and she couldn’t think of anything to say. To hell with being cautious. Taking matters into her own hands, she stood up from her chair, walking the short two steps to his. “That was the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you.” Before she lost the nerve, she pressed her palms to his chest, leaned down, and planted her lips on his.

Her plan was a soft, short kiss to tell him she definitely wanted to get to know him better, so she was ill-prepared for him to take control of their first kiss. He tasted like the fruit-and-nut robust coffee beverage he’d consumed.

When she went to pull away, she found herself gridlocked between strong arms, him teasing her with nips and sucks on her bottom lip, nibbling on her ear, and then moving back, resulting in total possession. With each thrust of his tongue, the urge to get naked nearly overcame her responsible nature. She drew in deep breaths and inhaled deeply between his all-consuming taste test of her. After one last nibble, he broke contact, giving her room to breathe. The absence of his strong hold left her unbalanced. Zoey sucked in a breath, forcing her weak knees to hold her weight. She darted her tongue over her bottom lip and smoothed her clothing. “I’m, um—”

“Have to get back to work.” Khristos finished for her as he stood, appearing unfazed, until she saw the evidence to the contrary.

“Walk back with me. You still have to pick up your prize.”

“After you.” Khristos pushed his chair up to the table and slid his hands into his pockets. Zoey hoped her kiss wasn’t too impulsive. Damn, the man charmed the socks right off her, and then the lip-lock knocked all her past lovers right out the ballpark, placing him in a league of his own.

“Have you decided what kind of dessert you’d like to take back with you?” They walked back toward her café at the slow pace he set.

“If you were a doctor of chocolate and I was your patient, what would you recommend?”

He got her sense of humor and with it, earned extra kudos. “I’d say it depends on what ails you. If you’re angry at the world…I’d suggest death by chocolate. Seven layers of chocolate cake with alternating fillings of caramel, mocha, and Kahlua crème, topped with a cherry for each slice.”

“That might put me in cardiac arrest.”

“Then I’d have to revive you by feeding you a thick pretzel stick drizzled in dark chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate, and covered with nuts. Sweet and salty works every time.”

“Hmmm. Then who’s going to revive you after you deplete your cache of powers?”

“I have it on high authority there’s a sexy businessman who needs sunshine in his life. I’m sure I have nothing to worry about, should I need resuscitation.”


Grab a copy Of This Antho to find out what happens in my story Indulgence.