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Neveah Harris finally has her chance. Two albums in a row she’s worked with Crimson Rage’s  Vocalist/lead guitarist. From his perfectly styled hair to the faded jeans and tee’s he sports, she’s quickly becoming groupie fan number one.The only problem is, he doesn’t notice her dropped jaw every-time he enters the same room. Her age and weight are issues she must face in order to drum up enough courage to get his number.

Wade ‘Garrick’ Stevens is psyched to work on the newest cover for his band mates. They have a vision that only one sexy graphic artist can bring to life. The last two sold goldmines thanks to her brilliance. Underneath her professional front he senses she may be into just more than a working environment, which is just fine with him.

Years younger than her, he plans to convince her on one date. He’s sure sparks will ignite.


Excerpt 1

Nevaeh Harris muted the resident dickweed‟s voice from her section. From the moment she

set foot into the conference room, Jed‟s under-his-breath barbs about her weight and the snickers

from his group of lackeys set her teeth on edge. Whoever dubbed the phrase, „Sticks and stones

may break your bones, but words will never hurt you,‟ was a damn liar or suffered from a heavy

dose of denial. For years she swallowed the hurt caused by close-minded individuals, who knew

nothing of genetics. Their unprovoked lack of professionalism reminded her, she was the better


Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall…on down helped her to maintain a semblance of

composure—not letting them know they got to her. Perhaps that‟s what his kind got off on. Not

the actual cruelty spewed from their mouths or the hate they perpetuated, but the response

garnered from their victims.

But they were of little consequence now. A master‟s degree in art and minor in marketing,

plus a little maneuvering to get her resume seen by the right people landed her a job that granted

her access to Wade.

Wade Garrick Stevens, known as „Wade Stevens‟ in the music industry. The young genius

guitarist for Crimson Rage possessed all the attributes she loved in a man. Charm, warm eyes,

humor and for someone in the limelight, an unnatural but appreciated humility. His lean

physique made her stomach flop whenever he commanded a room. At times, when he sat near

her, his knee just barely bumping hers, she wished she could gather the nerve to really speak to

him. She‟d worked on the last two album covers and promotional art for his band and hoped to

stay on for the long haul.

Lustful thoughts turned to dust. A man like him, she‟d never have a chance. Four or five

sizes smaller, sure. The media always had him paired up with some model or last she‟d heard

heiress to a racing team. In these times she envied her siblings. How her two younger sisters

ended up being size petite zeros and she a solid size ten—at the bottom half of her hips and all—

she‟d never understand. By some screwed twist of fate she ended up last in the gene pool.

Better a fat-ass than a fucktard. Biting back the aggravated snark on the tip of her tongue

sucked. Nevaeh clicked her teeth and slid none too gracefully past her co-workers to an open seat

at the conference table.

Opening her portfolio, she set the new designs on top of the leather casing. This time she

had the foresight to slip them into plastic sleeves, in case of an „accident‟. Years of hard work

taught her mistakes such as liquid sloshed over her drawings were intentional. The last fake

apology out of Alishia‟s mouth didn‟t contain an ounce of sincerity or a grain of remorse.

Instead, after Wade left, the whispers of Nevaeh fawning over him grew into a huge joke. Starstruck,

she‟d lost her ability to speak and when she could all that came out were stammers, and

knocking his drink into his lap had certainly not helped any. In her attempt to make things right,

she vigorously blotted the wet area of his crotch with napkins. In the end the discomfort caused

her to leave the room.

“Sorry I‟m late.”

There he was in the flesh. With his designer shades and that cologne that made her want to

daydream even more about just sniffing him.

“We haven‟t started yet.” Jed spoke up and passed down the paperwork needing his


“It‟s all good. I don‟t expect this meeting to be a long one. Nevaeh.”

Jasmine kicked her under the table. “What?”

“Over here. Hey how are you today doll?”

“Uh.” God you‟d think the enamored nitwit in her would‟ve took a hike after the second

time working together. Turning bright red she slammed her mouth shut and just gawked.

“What a wannabe.”

The whispered barb reached Garrick‟s ears. She could tell from the scowl that came across

his face. Wonders would never cease, apparently he had good hearing—loud rock music and all.

“Do you have something to add Jed?”

“Sorry. It was a joke is all.”

“Frankly I don‟t give a damn. Keep your jokes to yourself.”


He said again and this time she actually smiled at him.

“Yes ,Wade?”

“Garrick or did you forget?” He smiled openly at her. Surreptitiously she glanced around to

see if he was smiling at someone else.

“Garrick.” The sound of his middle name used by precious few rolled off her tongue. When

she looked back at him a flicker of something crossed his face, so faint it was gone before she

could tell if the flash was of desire or a figment of her imagination.

“Did you bring me the printed designs?”

“Yes. They‟re right here.” She leaned over and handed the sleeves to him. “I hope they‟re

what you want.”

“You‟ve never let me down before doll.” He winked and leaned back in the leather wing

back chair to glance over them.

“What about the new backdrops? The new special effects for the upcoming tour? The

roadies want an update.” Wade leaned forward and put the cover art designs on the table.

Nevaeh knew the design team was behind because they couldn‟t retrieve their heads from

their asses and do their job. She reached inside her portfolio and withdrew staging designs made

to scale on her graphics software and a DVD of how she envisioned their new tour. “I have some

extra samples for you. It‟s nothing really I was just playing around with some thoughts.”

“Anyone else do their job around here?” Of all the band members to piss off, Garrick was

the worst. His family came from money. Not old money. No, his father built their brand brick by

brick with hard work and sweat, attaining status and prestige in a way that the born rich envied.

The next generation, he and his siblings, all learned the trade at his elbow. And while rumors ran

amok of his father‟s disappointment in how his first born quote „dabbled‟ in music instead of

heading up one of their offices, no one could discount that Wade took after his father.

Exposure to the ruthless and iron clad way his pops ran his business rubbed off on Garrick,

in more ways than one way. His intelligence and the way he ran a tight ship for his label gave

him credence where due and respect from many in the music industry. He always meant what he

said and the innuendo, well that went without saying. Nevaeh couldn‟t help but to smile at their


“We‟re almost done tweaking our concept for you.” Jed motioned for the disc.

“We‟re all one team right? Does it matter where the ideas originate from? Or the end

result?” Nevaeh rounded on them. Their attitudes needed changing and it was high time someone

called them on it—or fired them and hired individuals who wanted to do their damn jobs without

being babysat. She knew how much he disliked unfinished deadlines. If she hadn‟t known the

software, she‟d have bought a new program and spent all her spare time learning—to please

Wade if no one else.

“Thanks doll. Would you mind stepping outside for a moment? I‟d like to speak to the tech

team in private.”

Excerpt 2

Garrick moved from her ass to her top. With a flick of his fingers he popped open the

buttons on her shirt, running his hands up her sides, to glide over her water bra. A solid B cup

embarrassed her and added to her feelings of inadequacy. Blushing, she met his curious gaze and

hint of smile. On bated breath she waited for him to divest her of her shirt completely. How did

he make love? Was it the same way he played music. In any event she wasn‟t far from finding

out the answer. His unhurried pace agitated her though.

“You‟re like opening a favorite Christmas toy.” He bent and bit the curve of her nape, his

hands skimmed down her arms sending her top to float to the floor and slid up her back, freeing

the hooks on her bra. Garrick hooked his fingers in the straps and drew them down. Nevaeh‟s

cunt clenched, her nipples hardened under his scrutinized appraisal.

“So perfect and I still have your sexy ass to see. Are you wet for me?” He cupped her

breasts and squeezed. “I hope you‟re drenched.”

“Are you going to get undressed?”

“Eventually.” He winked and flicked open the button on her jeans. “Take them off nice and

slow for me.”

Garrick made wiggling out of her jeans easier. Her hands quaked so much she wasn‟t sure

she‟d have been able to undo her own button. Heat flushed to her face. With him she felt sexy.

Under her lashes, she watched him take off his shirt and toss it on the floor. Ever had that

feeling to just get something over with? Nerves overcame her arousal and she fumbled, unsure of

herself. If just seeing him shirtless had the effect on her senses, how would she fare seeing him

nude. “Oh God. Oh God.”

“That‟s usually reserved for later.” Garrick‟s response hit her. She‟d said it out loud.

“I‟m sorry.” Nevaeh bent over to unbuckle her wedges and kicked them off her feet and

whipped her head around to catch his response.

“What did we say about that phrase?”

Flushed red she turned to him clad in lace hipsters, she covered her breasts with her hands.

Underneath his pants, the evidence of his arousal jerked. Nevaeh forced herself to bring her head

level to his.

“Do you tease every woman you bed?” Instantly she regretted bringing up his past lovers.

Garrick moved fast. He gripped her chin and glared at her.

“I‟m—” He cut her off fusing his mouth to hers. Attraction mixed with a sudden surge of

irritation and power left her breathless. He ran his hands to her lace and ripped each side in half.

A slap on her ass propelled her to guess at his bidding. She spread her legs a few inches and the

material brushed against her leg, fluttering to the floor. He plundered her mouth ruthlessly to the

point where pain and pleasure mixed, the nips of his teeth and sweeps of his tongue turned her

body into mush. Nevaeh slid her palms up his heated skin, noting no tattoos or pierced nipples.

Using her fingernails, she grazed his nipples. Rigid muscle tensed under her touch. Pleased, she

lowered her head and took his nipple into her mouth, tweaking it with her teeth. A hard slap

landed on her bare ass, warming it. The burn elicited a moan from her lips.

Garrick pushed her toward the couch with gentle dominance, directing her to the front. “I‟m

in the mood for a snack first.” He shoved her down roughly. In her life, no one had ever looked

at her with such raw hunger before.


If you’re looking for a great short story about two real people exploring the possibility of love then this story is for you.



Rhapsody by Mahalia Levey is the second book in the Hot Flash series and introduces us to Neveah Harris, who has had a crush on Wade “Garrick” Steven for the past year. Whenever she’s around him she feels tongue tied and flustered like a teenage school girl. She feels she doesn’t have a chance with him because of her size. Garrick feels that there is more to Neveah than what is on the outside and likes her just the way she is.

I like that Garrick stood up for Neveah, especially to her coworkers who thought it was ok to make snide comments about her weight – even when she’s in the same room with them. It always amazes me how some people can be so hurtful and childish but Neveah took it in stride and didn’t let it get to her. Garrick was very sweet, protective, and caring of Neveah and sensitive to her feelings. Rhapsody was an awesomely hot book that is well worth checking out. The shower scene was amazingly sexy and I think showering with a gorgeous man is the only way to shower from now on!

4 KissesTwo Lips Reviews

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