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Enforcer Makhi didn’t expect to fall for a woman. However, one look at the new female in need of defending brings out the dead emotions of his incubus. Be it the fates will to bless him as her counterpart, he plans to teach her the fine art of self-control and satisfy her on every level imaginable.

Kamaria Valentin is scared for her life. Blackouts, strange cravings for violence and blood have plagued her for the last two years. Add hot sex dreams with a nameless face and she’s one hot mess. Ready to break, the need for answers pushes her to free herself from the prison holding her a drugged captive.

Caedon Bolton searches for the lost. Deities looking for home, for sanctuary. One night a vulnerable soul screams out to him in her dreams, he must find her and save her from the brink of death. Once he has Kama in his arms, Caedon realizes only he can give her the emotional support she craves.

Contains: Some light BDSM


Alabama Institute for Addiction Recovery

Please, come and get me Mama, I promise to be good this time. I promise, I won’t attack anyone–come get me. Home is safe. Let me come home,” Kamaria whispered into the receiver. She sat huddled against the wall in the reception area, gripping the wall phone so tight in her hand that if it wasn’t metal she’d have crushed it without a thought. A deep shudder ran through her as she became aware of her actions, aware of self. “Oh God.” Dropping the phone, she bit her nail. One month of sheer, unavoidable agony had passed since her parents committed her to AIFAR. Rocking in her white mandatory patient scrubs, she waited for a voice which would never utter the words she desperately pleaded for.

Nausea welled up in her. She saw the phone that was in her hand moments ago wasn’t connected to a landline and plucked the receiver from where she’d discarded it. When would the madness end? During lucid moments, she understood why they placed her here. On the floor, she hugged her knees and tears slid down her face. Her skin tingled with anticipation as her reality shifted. His scent wafted, bringing brightness to her eclipsed world. Dropping the phone again, she rose from the wall to run an unsteady hand through her wild hair to tame it into place. A quick wiggle and adjustment smoothed out her wrinkled scrubs.

Time for nighttime meds, get in line.” Darcy, the male nurse, stood the female patients in the correct order. “Kamaria Valentin, tongue out.” He placed the eighty milligram Haldol pill on her tongue. “Swallow and drink.” Handing her a small paper cup of water, he put his hands on her face, opened her mouth and did a quick sweep.

You may go to the recreation room or to your own room.” He moved on to the next in line. His scent triggered the change within her, and his gentle touch completed it.

Joy left her and emptiness engulfed her once more. Every evening after a brief glimpse of him, an ache prickled in her loins. A primal attraction to Darcy grew with every whiff of his scent. The darkness in her beckoned, tempting her to exploit him, though she fought the impulse for now. The darkness always landed her in dire straits. But how divine it would be for him to touch her. The thought made her smile. Soon, very soon. Under her control, she’d get her taste of him and be able to rub her body against the lean length of his.

Supported by the pale green walls, Kamaria edged toward her room. Her thoughts remained wrapped around the young male employee. She trailed her fingers over grooves and indentions in the mortar. Her haggard nails scrapping against the gritty compound.

One-two-three doors down, hers opened automatically, slamming hard and clicking behind her. Gum placed in the jamb earlier prevented the lock from securing. Kamaria gagged and vomited the ingested pill. Two weeks of continual vomiting after meds wreaked havoc with her esophagus and her stomach lining. I did it, no meds. Have to get out, have to get out. Whispers in her mind grew louder, insistent. The skin on her body burned white hot. Sitting on the bed, she rocked while scratching her hair. Intense unwanted cravings assailed her aching body, making it hard for her to shake the repetitive images showing her what to do for alleviation.

Kamaria attempted to stanch the flow by thinking of Darcy and failed. Unbidden, the scent of fresh rain assailed her, her mind concocting picturesque meadows filled with fragrant blooms, so sweet she could taste them. Each depicted vision made her itch to get out. She didn’t understand the whys, only that a period of darkness descended soon after, and her muscles committed involuntary actions as her brain fought to regain control, only to have migraines split her world in two. She learned it was so much easier to just let what may happen, happen.

Darcy touched her each time he placed the pill in her mouth, comforting her body for a moment. His presence gave her an escape from the lonely existence sucking the life out of her. Darkness normally fled in his presence, only now he was part of a plan. Picking up a brush, she began humming while grooming for the night’s adventure. The face looking back at her smiled wickedly. The distorted surface from the metal mirror prevented her from seeing a clear reflection while making herself pretty. She’d be home soon and Daddy and his friends would regret locking her up in the hospital again. Her plans for the Forty-Second Police Station in Atlanta, Georgia, were ready to be initiated. A heady excitement bubbled up at the thought of exacting her depraved act of revenge. On the other side of her door she heard the lights out call and finished her primping for the evening. Like clockwork, she situated her bedding and slipped under the sheets to bide her time.

Midnight came and with it the guard’s tap on the hard plastic passing for a window pane into her small space. His flashlight momentarily blinded her. When she was young, her parents carted her to the physician for sunglasses in an effort to correct her sensitivity to light. Their efforts failed as the sun’s rays continued to irritate her corneas. Bright light always hurt, though her vision became crystal clear in total dark. Kamaria winced and huddled in her bed, turning her face the other way to avoid the sting for a second time.

In the early hours of the morning, she woke up and began checking and finalizing her plan of action. Everyone who’d played a part in hiding her away would pay. Forgiveness wasn’t an option, not with how they locked up and left her, left her without checking in on her well-being, written her off as a political nightmare. Making commissioner status had been more important than her being a part of her parent’s everyday lives. As an adult they should’ve trusted her. Instead, they went behind her back, obtaining a court order to retain medical power of attorney to give her mental stability. But they didn’t know how solitude destroyed her mind or how not feeling the rain fall on her skin affected her on a baser level. In truth, the pain that lanced her heart numbed with time. They’d pay for denying her, for abandoning her, making it so she never existed to them.

Rocking into a sitting position, a maniacal laugh broke free.

Bad.Bad.Bad. Kamaria the bad apple. Endless tears and punishments for inappropriate behavior had landed her in more therapist offices than she cared to think about. The psychoanalysis made no difference. One therapist, two or a hundred, eventually she got caught rubbing her face against their necks. No one liked her scratches or nips against their skin. Skin to skin contact, the ultimate crave, the driving force making her bend against her own will. Unable to shut the voice out, she stripped to rub against any warm body, male or female.

They didn’t understand. No one understood. Her brain felt fried and her body tired. In the silent hallway, the orderly had turned out the main light once again. No one understood what it was like when the voices in the head took over. Tired of fighting, she listened. Just maybe this time change would be different–this time maybe just maybe going along with her madness would make her life turn out better. Kamaria stifled a yawn and stretched out the kinks in her muscles. The pulsating beat of her heart quickened. Heightened senses enabled her to smell the man she sought, the provider of her freedom. Under her blanket, strategically placed pillows and extra bedding formed a plump body. One step at a time, she moved on autopilot inch by inch, padding softly over to the door.

Flip flops in hand, she worked the knob until it opened without making the rattling sound. The shift change underway offered her the opportune moment to slip out. A peek out the window gave her the go ahead that the coast was clear. Her ward sat near the stairwell. She palmed the keys lifted from Stanley and Phineas, the two police officers who came to take care of her needs. The voice inside her promised her an escape route. Kama prayed for good luck. Getting caught would land her in solitude with a straight jacket.

On pins and needles, she glided down the hall past the other rooms, not trusting the voice providing her with an out, and held a bated breath another employee wouldn’t happen on her. Though the purr inside told her not to worry, she wasn’t sure everything would be okay as promised. The same voice landing her in cuffs, left bloody messes, and she was listening to it again, unable to ignore it, to stop following its cruel instructions. Promise me no one gets hurt, Kama mouthed silently, walking the last few steps to the stairwell, afraid the voice would just laugh. A marionette to its bidding, she went along for what she knew from past occurrences to be a disastrous ride.


Makhi tells of a different world, a world of demons, shifters and fallen than I have read in any other story. It was fascinating to see how the world worked together and all the different characters involved. In many ways, Makhi reminded me of the Lords of the Underworld Series by Gena Showwalter, where even death has a heart. Because this world is so different, I had a challenge getting in and understanding all of the background and characters at times. I also had to re-read sections again to clear up some confusion I was having with what was happening.

Makhi is a stand-alone read but does have other series books available that tell the stories of the other characters we meet in Makhi. The sex is passionate and combustible with plenty of variety happening! Yet there are moments of sweet romance too, as Makhi makes sure to enlist the help of the female enforcers to pamper and treat Kama to the shopping and spa treatments. Hopefully as I read the other books, the whole idea of the world will become clearer to me. If you are looking for a unique story filled with interesting characters, give Makhi a shot!

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In just a few short pages, Levey packs a lot into this sexy paranormal story. In addition to super hot sex scenes, she has an impressive amount of worl dbuilding, a relatable heroine embarking on her own personal transformation and two hunky heroes. 3 Stars
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