Cherry Flavored Sex



Going into heat is never easy. With her pack’s rigid rules, Alana Merona must find a male to sate her sexual needs on their terms. Unfortunately, the demon she has her eye on doesn’t meet their hard line. But with a naughty plan in mind, Alana is going to use The Delightful Kitty Club to her full advantage.

Owner of the Delightful Kitten, Drake Sullivan never partakes of the offered treats until a sexy were tempts him beyond reason.


Alana snuggled into her covers and pulled the pillows tighter against her. She hated sleeping alone. In the dark, her heart beat faster afraid of the shadows that lurked in the deepest recesses of her brain. The place where everyone put the unpleasant events of life at bay and kept them locked up tight. Her lids closed once again, and she drifted off into sleep. She saw herself smiling and laughing at something, but the rest was a blur. The more she tried to focus, the more unfocused it became.

“Alana,” a deep dark voice penetrated her mind. It was laced with danger and promise, known to make some flinch in fear and women weep in need. “Alana, wake up sleepy tiger.” She slumbered restlessly; feeling a feather-light touch on her chest, dreaming a presence leaned over her form. The dream mist faded and revealed a handsome muscle-ripped man raised on an elbow, his hand brushed gently across her forehead. A smirk played on his lips as he watched her eyes flutter from his voice. His head bowed to press a kiss to the hollow between her voluptuous breasts. “Wake up kitty, it’s almost noon.”
Alana sighed, restlessly fighting the urge to open her eyes. She was so tired, but that voice none other could imitate. “I am a kitty,” she mumbled in her sleep, “A sexy kitty.” She sighed and rolled over, feeling a hard body next to her. “Hello handsome,” she said huskily, opening her cat-shaped eyes. She ran her fingertips along the cut of his well-defined abs. His smell, and the sound of his voice sent shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. She would have to do that show again with the cherry popsicle just for him alone. Images of how he had satisfied her every yearning flashed through her mind, turning her face beet red. She turned her face into the pillow until the moment passed.
“Morning sexy kitty-cat.” He captured her fingers and brought them up to his lips to press a gentle kiss to the soft pads. “If you keep that up, we will not be leaving this bed for another day, sweet Alana.” His hand dug into her chin forcing her to face him. Her breathing hitched as he nipped her kiss-swollen lips and suckled gently.
“Keep what up?” she asked succinctly, her hand twirling the strands of his raven’s black hair. Alana couldn’t keep her hands to herself, even half-asleep he resembled sin itself. Surely she’d be banished to Hell for keeping company with one such as him, yet she couldn’t stop herself, and after last night, she didn’t want to.
“Letting your fingers wander,” he growled softly, as she traced his jaw line. Alana knew doing so was like taking a walk on the dangerous side.

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