The Price of Defiance


Published By: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Published: Nov 03, 2011
ISBN # 9781613331484
Word Count: 48,000
Heat Index    


America Patterson loves living on the edge. Car model by day, illegal street racer by night, she’s known as the best. Except underneath her flawless façade lies a young woman filled with turmoil. When her hobby lands her in hot water, she finds herself handcuffed and bailed out by the one person who’d abandoned her….

MMA Fighter Alejandro Escovedo is summoned home after a tournament that had left him sore and questioning his career. Expecting a nice welcome home, he instead finds himself rescuing his best friend’s sister out of jail. This time he’s had enough.

Their explosive past gives him all the rights where America is concerned, and he is more than ready to take her on. By ending her daredevil ways and finding the trigger to her self-destructive behavior, will he convince her he’s back to stay or drive her further away?


America, where are you?”

Saint, I’m in big trouble.” Amy gripped the cell tightly to her ear. “I’m at Truman Memorial Hospital, about to be taken to jail.” She started to sob when reality dawned on her.

Thank God, you’re alive. I’ve been going out of my mind since the link to the wreck was sent to my cell phone. Sit tight. We’ve been fielding police and the media, trying to protect your professional name. Sis, Alejandro demanded to be the one to handle the situation.”

I’m sorry for scaring you.” Her brother and his team of misfits were all she had while growing up. Being named after their country of conception and proved just how zany her family was. Saint Vincent got his name chopped in half to Saint. “Is this going to hurt your business?”

No. Alejandro will make sure you have a smooth transaction. I’m forwarding him your info now. Sit still and relax. Can’t have the baby of the family locked up and forgotten.”

She winced at the thought of seeing Alejandro again after so long. Her voice dropped an octave. “Can’t you come? I haven’t seen him since—”

Miss, we’re ready to transport you to the police department,” Officer Blake interrupted.

I gotta go.” Amy snapped the phone shut and handed it back to the officer. He was kind enough to leave, allowing her to change into the scrubs they’d sent for. She rapped and opened the door after toeing into the slip-on canvas shoes. “I’m ready.” Head dropped low, she allowed them to escort her to the jailhouse that was a ten-minute ride away.

Being booked took longer than she’d expected, and it mortified her. A nifty machine imprinted her fingerprints electronically after they took her mug shot. The issue with her identification became clear once she had a chance to speak and separate her professional identity from her personal one. When they finished processing her fingerprints and mug shot, she followed them through general population and looked at all the criminals on the way to her holding cell. The door buzzed and opened, and she was ushered in. She cast a glance at the officer, who shook his head, locked the door, and turned his back.

I’m not a criminal.


The Price of Defiance is a short contemporary novel that provides brief glimpses of street racing, mixed martial arts, and BDSM. Amy is more than a handful and there are times when her bratty ways were way too much to deal with. Alejandro, just the name is sexy! He is one beautiful hunk of Alpha male. There is some serious sexual chemistry between Alejandro and Amy and thank goodness he knows just how to reel her in. Amy is truly on a self destructive path that isn’t clear at first, but for each layer pulled back we see a woman who is screaming for help. The sex is extremely hot. I wished there were more sexual scenes. We are provided a few scenes of spankings, bondage, submission, and a memory or two of a whip. There are quite a few secondary characters all trying to get time to tell their story. I was very pleased when Amy and Alejandro came back in focus. There are a few underlying preachy moments that may offend some readers. I really enjoyed The Price of Defiance and I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Levey.

JERR Book Reviews

While Amy deals with the ramifications of her crash and the other issues, Alejandro has to rescue her from one scrape after another. This wasn’t a story in which you were left wondering if there would be a HEA—you knew there would be, but how they would get around to it was what you didn’t know. There wasn’t really any hesitation on Amy’s or Alejandro’s part and this is perhaps what fell a bit flat in my opinion. There wasn’t any uncertainty. Alejandro was looking out for her, he loved her and she also loved him so where was the conflict, the drama? Just Amy playing up wasn’t really enough. It was there in the Dom/sub relationship, sort of but again it wasn’t enough.

The sex was hot, steamy and plentiful and it was interesting to see how Amy literally grew up—it took a while for her to see what she had been doing and she railed and ranted and the perceived wrongs, but Alejandro was there to help her through, and help her he did. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Levey, and if this is anything to go by, I will be reading more. I hope there is a sequel in the writing for Saint or even Justice! Take a chance and pick this one up. It is worth reading!

3 ½ Stars MR Review

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