Post OP Bariatric Surgery 3 years!!-


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It’s year 3 post gastric sleeve post operation. I cannot believe so much time has passed by so fast. Seems like just yesterday my first kiddo graduated highschool not all three.

Year one was a breeze. In between working out and parenting my time card was full. With my first daughter graduating high school and me healing, I mainly ate the basic diet of simple soft foods.

I was excited when I was released to excercise in small doses until I met up with Coach James Krause, Paul Kolenda, Megan Anderson,Joe Wooster, Tonga, Tim and Trisha Elliott, Joplin, and an amazing family of gym members and trainers. I planned and enjoyed hitting the gym eventually daily, and learned the art of meal prepping, ditching prepared or boxed foods and learning healthier options.


During this time was the death of a long term relationship as well. The second hardest decision I’ve ever had to make was to walk away to put me first.


As a parent and a partner putting yourself first never happens. Sometimes you have to weigh everything without letting emotion and rose colored glasses blind you. On your own without advice from outside sources.

I moved on…eventually into year 2 back to my hometown where I fell in love with my second gym family…Lawrence Fight Club/ Lawrence Cross Fit. Coaches Thomas and Kyle Thatcher, Coach Zak Bucia, Coach Shannon Woodard and lovely Savannah Thatcher welcomed me in. Workouts intensified as I moved from kickboxing a bag to learning technique in jujitsu and sparring. Man I love it tho.

Everyone needs discipline and structure even as adults. With the help of coaches and teammates (love you Lottie) they can push you past your breaking point (military workout deck of cards) to better you.


The two gyms Glory MMA amd LFC Coaches teammates and gym fam were pivitol in my personal growth as well as physical fitness.

I found with the kids all in college and me left with just Lilly peaches (the most adorable Pomeranian puppy in the world)


I found myself in a downward spiral. As much as others wanted to help me through it, they couldn’t. When everyone is gone and you have no one to fix or a situation to fix…you’re left with self reflection…

Self reflection really sucks. When you spend two decades ignoring your own inner demons and issues in order to raise your family…when the house is empty Pandora’s box opens and there’s this flood of crap to deal with. And it’s exhausting.

The absolute worst thing you can do is lie to yourself about having unresolved issues..everyone has some type of internal baggage. Don’t do yourself or those who love you a dis-service. Take a look a deep look at yourself and fix you. Like the Cold Play Song.

Being part of something bigger than just yourself is a great way to balance the chaos in your life. Coaches give great advice pertaining to the sport and life, even if you don’t understand it at the time. And your teammates they ride you to be better and don’t allow you to bullcrap or sugarcoat your screw ups. At the end of the day they’re still there.


Year 3 has been rough. I had a major drinking issue, buried my birth mom, met 1/3 of my birth family all at once!


Recently,  just buried a young man who was my sons childhood friend who passed in a car accident with his cousin.

Right now I’m away from both of my home gyms but doing amazing at the local gym until my circumstances change and I can return.
Not gonna lie…dreading it. Been away two to three months and doubt I’ll get clemency lol….

God is amazing in my life and I hope I can be encouraging to others. I have an amazing male and female best friend, amazing children and support system that I do call on in need.

Aside from personal training sessions , yoga is a great way to meditate when I’m anxious.
By year 3 most have mastered eating right and exercise so this year….

Below are pics from 2013 before surgery, swollen tummy pics are the day after surgery and others are the first year after surgery.


I guess year 3 advice is:
Pray for yourself and others
Love yourself
Forgive yourself
Forgive Others
Own your actions
Get rid of crutches aka excuses
Listen instead of just hearing
Take a break from social media..
And turn off your cell phone for 24 to 48 hours the break is refreshing.

When you are struggling internally…don’t be prideful ask for help instead of struggling all by yourself.

Look forward not backward
Enjoy the Good and the Bad Times
Set Limits with others and yourself
Be clear on your personal expectations
Set harder goals with a shorter timespan
Crush those goals and make new ones
Be thankful-Make it a priority to verbally give thanks.
Put in the work in all aspects of your life and enjoy the rewards.
Be Inspired
Pay it forward…….

I would like to take a moment to thank God and everyone in my life for their support from KC Bariatric Center of KC Staff Laura, Chris and my surgeon Dr. Stanley Hoehn to everyone else who has been with me on this crazy journey.

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