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BlogHunt_GraphicI have Ford Giovanni, the hero in my upcoming release Promiscuous Wolf here for an interview.


Let’s get started!

Promiscuous Wolf2_200x300So “Ford”, what makes you special?”

 “I’m all wolf baby. If I wasn’t taken, I’d give you a unforgettable experience.”

His forwardness makes my flush beet red, as I sit across from him, the tip of my pen in my mouth.

“What differentiates you from your kind? Then?” I question if he’ll keep up the sexual innuendos .

Ford moves into my personal space watches me breathe and sits back and crosses his arms. “Nothing. We are all pack.”

“So not what I thought you’d say.” Drat the man who wears a smug smirk on his handsomely chiseled face.

“What’s a normal night in the Giovanni household?”

“Raisin the whelp nephew of mine, Luck Giovanni and watching after my mate Caress.”

“Watching? What is she a child or something?” His wording piques my interest.

“No, not a child. Trouble finds her.” He frowns at the thought and I giggle.

“Shit’s not funny, it’s damned irritating.” His eyes darken and he slices his hand through the air.

“Do you love her? You have this permanent scowly look happening right now.”

Ford snaps his eyes up to mine and they soften a tad. “Fuck yes, she’s…my mate. Fucking best air I’ve ever breathed. Don’t tell her but she fucking owns me. Lock, key and barrel.”

“Mum’s the word.” I take a moment to reflect and change the topic around. “What do you do for your pack?”

“I’m a protector.” There is a dangerous air about the man taking up so much space in my office. His presence is big, his attitude even bigger. You’d think it’d be stifling but it’s not. He’s aware of everything in my office.

“Do you have special abilities?”

“I shift into a bad ass muther fucker.” He leans forward, “but my best ability was charming a lady out of her panties in sixty seconds or less.”

I lean forward. “How on earth do you do that? Every lady you came across?”

“Yes.” He leaned over and whispered something in my ear. My jaw dropped and yeah, I’d have dropped mine in sixty seconds or less too.

Ford chuckles. “Unfortunately for you, I no longer play that game. Sorry babe.”

“Tell us about your most current adventure.”

“It’s a toss between keeping up with Caress and keeping track of Luck.”

“Are you happy with the way people perceive you?”

“Sure, my motto is if they don’t like me fuck’em.”

“Tell us a little bit about your world.”

 “You know, I know Rav invited you to stay for a week.” He quirks a brow, extending the same invitation.

“As told your brother in law, I can’t do that. I know I’d have to stay forever.”

“Got a favorite music genre?Soooo…What kind of music do you listen to?”

“Country plain and simple.”

“Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?”

He looks at me like we’ve already had this conversation. “Every time I stick my dick in her, I show her home much I love her, when my face is buried in her perfect pussy, I show her how much I love her. When she’s throwing shit at me and I spank that sexy ass…I show her how much I love her. And when she needs to hear it. I tell her…I fucking love you.”

“A lot of f’ bombs.”

“I’m working on it, it’s not going so well though.” He chuckles.

What is your most favorite thing to do?

“Fuck.Pamper my mate. Fuck. Hunt. And fuck some more.”

“You know you said fuck three times.” I blink at the intensity of his lust for his mate.

“Yeah? You asked the question.” He shrugs.

“ Do you sing in the shower?”

 “No. I fuck in the shower.” It’s a wonder his mate can walk around normal with how blatant he is with his private life and sexual activity.

 “Any words of advice to leave the readers with Ford?”

“Promiscuous Wolf is out October 2nd. Stop by and read about the Giovanni family. It’s been lovely babe, all this talkn’ bout fucking is making me crazy. I’m off to find my sexy mate.” He takes my hand, kisses it and saunters out of the room.

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Caress Galveston has her work cut out for her. The one man she wants above all others is playing hard to get. He admits they’re mates, yet he won’t take the step to make her his. If only he could see past all the women chasing him, he might decide their nine year age difference doesn’t matter and she is worth the leap.

Ford Giovanni is a changed man. The moment he set eyes on the most headstrong wolf he ever met, no other woman would do. But with his past lovers still trailing after him, the problem will be convincing her of his faithfulness. And he won’t mark her as his until she does.







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  1. This sounds great Hales!!!

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  3. I can’t wait until I have all of these books in my “collection”.

  4. Love Caress & Ford. A terrific addition to the series.

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