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When Sameera Kattan’s band Final Regret gets signed, she is over the moon with excitement. Getting the hang of her change in occupation is overwhelming., not to mention the past she shares with, her longtime friend Jimmy, the lead guitarist for Crimson Rage. Dealing with a broody male with their history is a complication she isn’t sure how to straighten out.
Jimmy O’Riley can’t function with Sam around. Seeing her is like a ray of sunshine and a knife in the gut at the same time. Endless liquor and fast women fail to bring him the distraction he needs to survive. One thing he knows for sure is, a tour bus is no place for them to put ghosts to bed. Will the pressure create a rage that will be their final regret or promising future?
Extra Excerpt


“I can’t sleep. I feel like I can’t breathe. How is this real, how is death fair?”

Jimmy caught the cello and set it to the side as she let go. “Nothing about this is right or fair, Sam. I know how you feel.”

He knelt down and looked up into the tragedy playing before him. “One day we’ll be okay.” God, he hoped he wasn’t lying to her. She nodded and limply put her hands on him. “Let’s get you back in bed, okay. Do you want a pill?” He knew the family doctor gave her a prescription of pills to help her sleep.

“No. Just don’t leave me right now.”

“All right.” He shucked his shoes and dress pants. “Get under the covers. I’m not laying in those uncomfortable pants.”

“Okay.” Sam climbed under the sheets. Jimmy tucked her in and settled on top of them. Sameera turned to him and curled into his side.

“Remember when you used to sneak into my window to sleep on the floor? I miss those days. We were best friends, J.J.”

“Yeah, I know but we grew up. You knew that couldn’t last forever.” He stroked her hair wanting to say he missed those days too.

“You mean you got popular, and then the band took off.” She yawned.

“Yeah and you were a prodigy. We left each other, you to a performing arts school and me to—well around the world.”

“Miles was our True North. I begged him not to join Special Forces. I was away with the symphony a lot of the time, while he was on top secret assignments. I feel like if I’d have been home more or given up touring with the symphony he wouldn’t have made that decision.”

“Hey,” Jimmy shushed her, staring into her sad brown eyes. “My brother lived and breathed the military life, the crazy assignments, the brotherhood. He would’ve joined not only because he was made for it—but because above all else he lived to please the colonel. Don’t put negative thoughts in your pretty head like his choice in how he lived his life is in anyway your fault.”

“Just hurts so bad,” she whimpered.

Jimmy let out a breath. “Yeah,” he agreed, his voice breaking with emotion. He cleared his throat. “I’ll hold you until you fall asleep, then leave.”

“I know. Thank you.”

Jimmy slipped under the covers with Sameera face to face. They’d cuddled in the past, one more night wouldn’t hurt. “Nothing to thank me for. Close your eyes. I got you.” He trapped her leg with his and caged her in his arms. For her, he’d put aside battling his demons, battle their hurt—until at least one of them came out unscathed.

Quiet sobbing woke him from a fitful sleep. On the nightstand the blinking clock read four in the morning. Jimmy stroked Sameera’s hair and trailed a finger down the side of her face. He couldn’t take much more of the despair ripping her apart. He promised he’d shoulder her grief, shoving back his own, he kissed her on the cheek and swiped the tears rolling down her face.

“S-sorry. I was having a good dream, and then woke up and realized it was fantasy.”

“Sam, stop apologizing.” Her sorrow tore at his soul.

“J.J., I’m afraid to go back to sleep. I don’t want to see his face. I keep seeing his smile.”

“It’s gonna take time, meerkat.” Her body shivered in his arms. “You’re cold.” He rubbed her skin. Sameera scooted her body into his, wrapping her arms tight around him. Jimmy groaned. They weren’t kids anymore. She was a woman, he a man. She smelled of sunshine, and her skin soft as cotton. She tucked her face into his chest. His dick lurched against her naked stomach. Sameera knew. The absence of her breathe on his chest told him so. “Sorry. I should go.”

“No. It’s okay we can ignore what I just felt. Please don’t leave yet.” Sameera tightened her hold.

Ignoring the awkward moment seemed illogical, as the affliction hadn’t subsided. Each time her body squirmed, the more coiled his arousal became.

“Maybe forgetting for a little while isn’t a bad idea.” Her quiet voice penetrated the silence.

“Sam,” he hissed. She had no idea what she was suggesting, asking of him, if she did, she wouldn’t put him in the position of being a dick either way in the outcome. Jimmy closed his eyes.

“I’m broken and feel like I’m dying. Please, just one time. Give me something besides this unbearable grief.”

Jimmy swiped a tear from her face. How could he tell her no? He tipped her face up to his and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Sameera’s breathing quickened. One taste wasn’t enough. He dipped in and stole another, drank her in, feasted on her sweet tasting mouth.


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