Kiss Me Deadly Release Day/ Playlist and Contest

I am so excited that Kiss Me Deadly is finally out. A big thank you to the readers who’ve patiently waited.  I know this was slated for late November last year, unfortunately I was robbed in October and didn’t have my work backed up on an external. Rewriting a novel that was complete is not a fun thing to do, but I do think that this story is better than the first.  I enjoy writing characters that are diverse and unique. A band is a fun idea to create and flesh out. Not everyone’s upbringing is the same, but I’ve found that everyone has their own internal struggles stemming from childhood in some sort of fashion, not matter, the social class or culture.

Jimmy and Sam were a very emotional story to write and explore how the two remarkable individuals came to be who they are meant to be. I cried… a lot when I wrote this, mainly they wrote, I listened and enjoyed how deep, how dimensional I was able to convey them as individuals and as a couple. I also laughed a lot and sighed. I hope you all enjoy their story!

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When Sameera Kattan’s band Final Regret gets signed, she is over the moon with excitement. But becoming a superstar overnight is so surreal that she doesn’t quite know what to do with the fame and public adoration. If only her longtime friend Jimmy, the lead guitarist for Crimson Rage would celebrate with her. Instead she’s out on tour with a broody male who goes from hot to cold in seconds, putting a strain on their renewed friendship.

Jimmy O’Riley can’t function with Sam around. Seeing her is like a ray of sunshine and a knife in the gut at the same time. Jealousy clouds his judgment whenever a man lays hands on what should’ve been his years ago. Endless liquor and fast women fail to bring him the distraction he needs to survive. One thing he knows for sure is, a tour bus is sure is a tour bus is no place for them to put ghosts to bed.


Kiss Me Deadly- Lita Ford

My Struggle- Seventh Day Slumber

I Love The Way You Hate Me- Like A Storm

Crucified- Sevendust

Everything Has Changed- Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

What if I Was Nothing- All That Remains

Painkiller- 3 Days Grace

Good Girl- Carrie Underwood

Bottom of The Bottle- Smile Empty Soul

Words as Weapons- Seether

Storm- Lifehouse

Battle Born- Five Finger Punch Death

Human- Madilyn Bailey Cover

Nothing Else Matters- Apocalyptica 

Gravity- Sara Bareilles

Contest Time!

Leave a comment below, tell me about the sexiest kiss you’ve ever received or read. I’ll pick a winner for a copy of Kiss Me Deadly and a 4 or 4s iPhone Kiss Me Deadly cover. I’ll pick a winner a week from today!


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  1. This most sexiest kiss I can think of is from Luke and Laura’s first wedding on General Hospital.

  2. Oh my goodness no one was hurt doing the robbery, I’m so sorry!


  3. It’s kind of a throw back kiss…when Jake and girl (molly Ringwald) from Sixteen Candles are sitting on the glass table and share that all girl crush kiss at the end. I love it 🙂

  4. 2001 movie-“Kate and Leopold” in the ballroom scene at the end when Kate (Meg Ryan) travels back in time to the late 1800’s to be with him (Hugh Jackman- what girl wouldn’t?!) and she dashes into his arms and they kiss ( do they ever!) with the waltz playing and the dancers in all their ballroom finery making the scene breathtaking.

  5. sexiest kiss I ever received………….the kiss after I said yes to my husband’s proposal

  6. There’s a kiss in the movie PRACTICAL MAGIC that makes me curl my toes. Magic indeed!!!

  7. jennifer mathis

    sexiest kiss is in the lucky one when she smooches him in the shower

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