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If You don’t know what Earth Day’s all about…click on this link here.

In some ways we all celebrate Earth Day all year. In big cities  along with trash pick up…a resident must split all recycled goods from  trash or the city will give a whopping fine. But you can do more. You can donate what you don’t use. Share a ride with friends to work. Take the bus on Ozone Alert Days. Fill up your gas tank after sundown.

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A Erotic Excerpt!

The dull ache intensified the more he teased instead of pleased. A long solitary lick drove her to the brink of tears. She snarled at him, a warning to quit fucking with her. Seconds passed, until he repeated the action, leaving her on the brink of climaxing. The hold he used prevented her from retaliation or moving to keep control. He held her fast with a firm grasp, sucking at his leisure.

Tired of play, she kicked out, planting her feet into his chest to dislodge his hold, her years of fighting instinct taking over.

Orobus snapped his head up and wiped her juices from his mouth. Clearly, he didn’t appreciate being disturbed. The heated promise of retribution he shot her caused her knees shake. She scrambled up the bed, trying to break away from his unwavering, hawkish gaze.

“Aw, love. We in a fighting mood?”

“You play too damn much.” Her demon demanded his blood. She shifted stances, brushing off the surging need.

“Come here.”

“So you can play with me? No.”

“Last warning.”

She laughed. “You can’t see me. How much damage can you do, blinded mate? I could walk out of here. You wouldn’t know where to find me.”

“Who needs vision when your aromatic pussy leaves and exact trail.”

She hit the bare floor, fleeing to the other side of the room at his words.

“Get back on the bed, love, so I can fix you.”

“Fuck you.” Eyeing his glorious naked cock, she wanted to buckle and crawl on the bed for more. She hated being played with. The act reminded her of those who used and discarded her in the past.

“Love, I hear your heart pounding, scent the desire pooling between those thighs meant for only me.”

“Yeah? Maybe I’ll go find an incubus to take care of me,” she spat.

Dark tension raged in the sudden silence. Fuck, his opaque eyes crackled, clearing his vision. Fatal clamped her hand over her mouth and wished she could recall her impulsive words. She didn’t mean what she said. Demons damn him for goading her into reacting before thinking first.

Orobus stalked over to her, anger clouding his chiseled face. He stopped directly in front of her, fisted her hair in his hand to draw her to him. His lips ghosted over her ear. “If it’s an incubus you want, an incubus you will get. Krios. I summon you.” He let loose her hair and moved a step back.

“I didn’t mean it,” she whispered, frozen by his harsh tone, awaiting his next move.

“Too late, my impulsive mate.” A white-hot energy crackled around them. Her mouth dropped open. Amused green eyes met her questioning gaze. Dressed in black leather pants, the Grecian sex god shimmered into view.

“Dark Prince, you called.” Krios stood at attention, for orders.

Fatal lowered her focus to the floor.

“My impatient mate wishes for an incubus to see to her needs.” Orobus stepped aside. “Do you have time?”

“Poor Gataki,” Krios crooned.

Sex on a stick sized her up. He clapped Orobus on the back. “For you, sir, I’ll make time. I have to tell you, this makes the second mate this week to foolishly request one of us.”

“Orobus recall him. Don’t leave me.” Panic flooded her. She didn’t want another man touching her intimately.

“Shhh, Gataki.” The sex god cupped her face gingerly.

She moaned. Heat surged through her body at his momentary touch. The fiery blaze leaving her fever pitched. “Orobus.”

Her mate ignored her request for clemency.

“Shh, Gataki. Your mate watches how your body yearns for satiation. The way your beautiful breasts heave as you breathe.” He dipped a finger through the valley between her breasts, touching her perspired skin. The incubus fed her erotic images of Orobus and things she never imagined doing.

Her cheeks heated from the possibility of what he suggested. She shuddered as pleasure surged through her body. Invisible fingers probed her, teased, leaving her pulsating with unquenched thirst.

“Dark Prince?”

“If you physically fuck her, I will kill you.”



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