Trilogy Inception

In 2009 when I first wrote Demonic Persuasion. I didn’t realize one day I’d get my rights back and have the opportunity to lengthen the story into a novel. The publishing house I was at, at the time didn’t do print and I primarily wrote short novellas. I couldn’t wait to add to my baby and to expand the world build. There are a few pics I have of inspiration.

I wanted my heroine to be strong. Picking the Tribe was the hardest decision. I’m part Cherokee but for some reason, Navajo was calling to me. So I began searching through name registries to figure out what to call my heroine. I ended up picking Ackchetta meaning Ambush, and Fatal for short. Picking out Nahale herMother’s name was easy as was her brother Hakan.


The first was this opportunity! Being able to go to the Grand Canyon and live in the moment.


Next is a group of items I’ve picked up along the way through the years.

photo 3 copy


The Navajo Sand Painting and Spirit stone, I picked up at a shop in the Grand Canyon.

The Image of a Ghost Warrior, I picked up at a local art show. He reminds me of the very flawed Grandfather, All father of the Navajo.

The Ceremonial totem flute, reminds me of Hakan, as does the sand painting. These items help me get into the mindset of culture which I believe is important when researching and writing a story. There has to be an accurate basis of some sort.

That’s all I’m giving up today 😛


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  1. I love how you found your characters and the artwork is wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us.

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