Sasha’s Lion by Hazel Gower

Sin City Shifters, 1


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When shy eighteen-year-old Sasha Brento moves to America for her final year of high school, her innocence is blown out of the water when she learns shifters are real.

Not only are they real, but a lion shifter named Savron wants to claim her as his mate. The determined shifter is ten years her senior, and Sasha knows nothing about the mating bond. Her life quickly becomes filled with drama as she begins to question everything she’s ever known.

Can Sasha and Savron overcome their fears and make their relationship work?


Savron lay on the bed in only black boxers with his hands behind his head staring at the door she’d come from. “Feel better?” His relaxed state eased her discomfort.

“Yes, much better. Thanks again.”

He shrugged. “Put your clothes on the dresser behind you.”

She clutched the clothes to her chest. “I’ll put them next to where I’m sleeping. Where am I sleeping?


“Oh, where are you sleeping?”

He got up in one quick fast movement, took the clothes from her, placed them on the dresser and pulled her to the bed. “Here, with you.”

Sasha squealed as they fell on the bed, and the shirt hiked up revealing she had nothing on underneath. Sasha pushed against his chest to move from underneath him and get up, but she paused staring up at him as a drawn-out moan left his lips and his hands slid up her thighs and rested on her bare arse.

“You have nothing on underneath.” His hands moved around, and she stared up into his flashing yellow eyes scared of what he’d do.

“I don’t do that. Argh, I mean I haven’t done really anything.” Shit! She was doing this wrong, and the feel of him touching her was getting to her, making her body burn with need. “Um, I’m saving ‘it’ for the person I intend to marry.”

His hands didn’t stop. She bit her cheek as a groan slipped past her lips, and his fingers brushed over her heated core. “I’m a virgin. I want my first time to be something I won’t regret. I want—”

His mouth captured hers, and what she intended to say got lost. A finger probed her vagina, and his tongue sought her own. Her hands that hadn’t moved from his solid chest came up to grip his shoulder as she felt a second finger added and then pumped in and out of her pussy. His mouth left hers, and she panted for breath and knew that if he kept up this onslaught she’d come soon.

“I’ll make it good.” He kissed her neck. “I’ll make it special.” His teeth grazed her skin. “I’ll be your only. This I can promise you.” His teeth sank into her shoulder, and she screamed as she came hard. Waves of bliss washed over her.

Sasha could feel Savron lapping at her shoulder. She could feel his rock hard erection pressed to her thigh. He stopped licking where he’d bitten her and trailed back up her neck, giving feather light kisses. He paused at her lips and brushed his over hers. Savron then eased off her and lay flat on his back next to her. Savron brought her close, tucking her into his side. She stared up at him as he brought his cum-coated fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean.

“Mmm, you taste better than you smell, gorgeous.” He leaned down and brushed a kiss on her forehead and eased her so she was half on top of him. He sighed and stroked her hair. “Go to sleep now, Sasha.”

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