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Why the Setting of Miami

The Wild LifeMy latest release is the third installment in my interracial romantic suspense series starring Detectives Brianna “Bree” Morris and Steven Kemp. The setting usually takes place in Albany, New York. So you might be wondering why I picked a different setting for The Wild Life.

First let me explain that I let my muse inspire me. That means I listen to what it tells me. Concerning the plot of this installment, I yearned for a romantic and adventurous setting. I wanted some place beautiful and close to the ocean, and Miami is one of the sexiest places in the world.  In the book I made sure to point out things specific to the Miami lifestyle that would hopefully bring readers into the moment.  During the story the characters appear in many settings utilizing yachts and boats.

I wanted to tap into the nature of Miami. I try to capture that through describing the atmosphere and having the characters adjust to the differences Miami has compared to Albany.

Usually the setting of a story doesn’t matter to me unless the setting is going to play a very important part. Since I write mysteries, they can take place anywhere. But sometimes I get the hunger to set a story in a certain type of place because I know that will bring out the power of the story.

I think readers of the series will enjoy the change of setting, and will become wrapped up in Miami’s seductive aura. The setting sets the entire tone for the story.

I hope to get readers actively involved by not just reading, but by feeling. I want them to actually believe they are right there with the characters.

Giveaway question:

What is your ideal setting for a romance novel and why?  Do you prefer a big city atmosphere, or the small country lifestyle? Do you prefer tropical islands or dry deserts? How big a part does setting and atmosphere play for you as a reader?

Five people who provide the most interesting answer to this question will each win an ebook copy of The Wild Life.

Giveaway ends at 8 pm Central Time. Ebook copies will be emailed to participants by Stacy-Deanne. Commenters must leave email address with comment to be eligible.

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  1. Any setting would be fine with me, If the author’s choice of locations is well described and I can feel myself immersed in that place then he/she has done their job in drawing us in to that atmosphere. Thanks for the contest.

  2. LaTanya Lawson

    The atmosphere makes the book for me. I’m a country girl so i love small town, but because of that I’d also love to be taken outta the country… While I’m reading and it draws me in and i feel like I’m in whichever setting described, i say the job was done…


  3. Settings play a big part in the books because I feel that they help the characters to build the story. I am Big City and love to read stories that take place in small towns where eveyone knows you and may be in on the plan to bring the couple together.
    My idea of a romantic setting is a chalet/cabin on a mountain with snow; where the couple has no choice but to talk and get to know each other and sex scenes to die for!

  4. Thanks for having me today, Mahalia! I’d like to mention to visitors that it might be a slight confusing when you see the earlier comments from July. The post was accidentally put up in July so the answers for today (August 13) will be the ones considered for the giveaway. Don’t forget to leave your email address in order to win!

    Get chatting!

  5. I’m not really a Romance Reader…but I favor strong characters, and a good story line. With those two things, the setting could be anywhere. Of course, if an Author has a “favorite place”…then the story and characters will work, doubly well….if that makes sense.

  6. Thanks for chiming in, Judith! Thanks for having me, Mahalia! I appreciate the support.

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