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Goddess Serephine has come into her powers early. Without the proper tutelage, she spirals out of control, exploding into chaos and harming the current God of Order. Guilt consumes Sere while she’s Chaos at her worst, at her best, she’s a lively young lady. If one man makes her nervous the most, it’s Darvon. God Darvon has been recalled home to take his father’s stead. When he sees him wheelchair bound, he’s determined to have his revenge on the one who harmed him. Until he enters the holding chamber and lays eyes on the pixie face of his childhood friend. In absolute Chaos there can be no peace, with absolute Order there can be no growth. Neither party can deny their godhood. With Astraia demanding that they come to terms and their growing attraction, will they find balance to their souls?


The serene Aegean Sea brought solace to Darvon’s musings.  He sat on the deck chair with a glass of soumada, an almond non-alcoholic drink. A soft breeze cooled his warm skin. If he was honest with himself, he’d admit staying on Nisyros had nothing to do with his family and everything to do with Sere. He could have moved to one of the other islands of the Dodecanese.

While his drink satisfied his thirst, raw hunger ate away at him. When he’d touched her soft skin, a need of startling intensity rocketed through him so fast he’d felt the vestiges of his ironclad control slipping from him. The weakness sobered him up fast. Sere was and would forever be dangerous. And now she lay in his father’s house within reach. Complications. He saw nothing but complications.

“Something weighing heavy on your mind, son?” Alister pushed his wheelchair out onto the deck.

Darvon turned to his father and nodded in greeting. “I cannot separate the two women in one. I’ve grown accustomed to dealing and cleaning up Chaos’ aftermath.”

“It’s the way of things. The law of nature. We are and forever will be keepers of Order, she will forever be Chaos at its darkest.”

“Astraia, in all her godly justice, gave me the means to halt Chaos and control her. Now I’m left with thoughts. Will I ever trust Sere? Can she learn to control herself?” He sighed.

“Don’t concern yourself with the evil that has passed, son. The laws of nature demand we look forward, keep your mind set on the good that has yet to come.”

“You quote Hobbes?” Darvon chuckled.

“Seemed a good quote to say for the moment.” Alister laid his hand on his son’s shoulder. “You’re missing the greater picture.”

“Enlighten me with the silver lining then, Father.” Darvon topped up his drink. “Would you care for some?”

“None for me thanks.” He rearranged the light sheet covering his legs. “You now have a chance to have her as you’ve wanted.”

“That’s rich.” Darvon laughed. “She still annoys me, Father. She tugs at my patience. I can’t be the man I’m supposed to be around her.” The adolescent yearning sound of his words embarrassed him.

“Things weren’t always so, Darvon. You judge too much. That’s one thing I always regretted. I never wanted you to be the next Order. I’d hoped you would have a task with less responsibility.”

“Why? I enjoy being who I am.”

“Do you? Do you live, dream, and enjoy the ray of warm sunlight on your face?”

Darvon shrugged. “I don’t have time to dream. The sun rises and it sets. Why would I care if it warms my face?”

“That, my boy, is the whole point. You’re too concerned with Orderliness that you don’t appreciate the finer things in life. The love of a good woman, the smell of an expensive cigar, the taste of fine whiskey as it burns your throat.”

“If you want some whiskey, I’ll have some brought to you.” Darvon leaned back in his chair, agitated as he crossed his legs. “There’s a proper place for everything. It pleases me to have certain things arranged.”

Perfection is what I am, and it’s a rule I live by. There’s not a thing wrong with how I run my life. Disorder is, and will always be, unacceptable. He wasn’t an obsessive-compulsive person by any means though.

“I don’t have OCD,” he insisted. Not every glass in his cupboard faced the same way, nor were his clothes color-coded in his closet.

“No, what you have is much worse. You have no time to live because you’re too busy policing to have a substantial relationship with anyone. That’s how I’ve failed you.”

“Do you want me to bring home the women I date? I figured the one I marry will eventually meet you. I assure you, my appetites are healthy, my needs are met.”

“Who you bring home is up to you. When you can embrace emotion and step away without blinders on, we’ll speak of life again. This talk has worn me out.”

“Let me help you inside then.”

“No. I can see myself in.” Alister wheeled away from his son.

Darvon watched his father leave and questioned if his words held merit.

An hour later, Darvon still questioned his fate. “Bah!” He stood, his abrupt motion causing the chair to tilt back. He caught the armrest, righted the chair and blew out a steadying breath. Even without meaning to, Sere had wrecked his perfectly structured life. Determination seized him. His leisurely amble hastened as he stalked to Sere’s quarters to put some boundaries between them. Only when he eased open the door intent to speak, lust overrode his thoughts.

Excerpt 2

Darvon stroked Sere’s head. Ahead of them lay the stretch of beach leading into the mouth of the Katsouni caves. During the busy season, the public and tourists used the hot springs during the day. Reserving the caves took coaxing and a promise of returning a favor.

When they arrived, he parked the car and woke Sere up with a gentle shake. “Beautiful, we’ve arrived.” He exited the car and rounded it to open her door.

“Oh, we haven’t been here in forever.” She laughed in pleasure.

Darvon slipped his hand in hers. “Not since we were kids and ran away from home. Let’s go see how much it’s changed.” He failed to mention he’d come and laid out their things for the night.

“Oh, smell the Earth.” Sere tugged his hand. Once they entered, she rubbed her hand over his in excitement.

“Do you think the stalagmites and stalactites have changed much? Remember the bear’s teeth in the rock you scared me with?”

“I’m more interested in the springs, gataki,” he said and winked.

“A dip sounds heavenly.” She leaned into his embrace.

“We can explore later if we have time.” He planned to run his hands over every inch of her body, both in the water and out. He smelled her arousal and her hesitancy and grinned. The dark nature in him coaxed him, prodded him to fulfill his needs.

“You’re bad.” She swatted him.

“No, well-behaved, till now.” He spun her to face him and crushed his lips to hers. She tasted of sweet honey. He dipped his tongue in deeper and mashed his body against hers. Need slammed into his gut and hardened his cock against her.

“Darvon.” Sere moaned, sliding her hands up his chest.

He broke away, ran his finger over her bottom lip, and then took her hand as he walked backward, leading her farther into the depths of the cave. Her confusion ate at him. He was in no way done with her, not by a long shot. His ears picked up the faint trickle of water. He guided her through the pillars, following the sound. Running water pinged off the cave walls near the hot springs, branching off into an open sky vegetative landscape ripe with bushes and plant life in a multitude of pastel colored flowers.

“Beautiful,” Sere exclaimed. Above them the cave walls rose, leading to a crystal clear blue sky without the heat index. Serenity surrounded them. She breathed in the aroma of their private paradise. Her enjoyment pleased him.

Darvon leaned against a pillar and began removing his shirt, button by button, before slipping it off and onto a limestone ledge. His dick hurt, constricted by the zipper of his jeans, yet he didn’t look from her eyes as he stripped. The gentle hitch in her breath, the tilt of her head and her eyes gazing at his throbbing cock made his hunger for her increase tenfold. He’d never encountered the gut clenching need to possess before. The pheromones she radiated consumed him, rivaling the scents enveloping them.

“Why don’t you get comfortable?”

Sere’s hands shook as she unclasped the back of her halter top. The silk scraps of material slid down, folding over the v shape of her cleavage, giving a tantalizing view of her rosy areolas. “Like that?”

“Hell yeah.” Darvon took his cock in his hand and stroked it, once, then twice, and crooked his finger at her. “Come closer, lose more.”

Sere hooked her fingers around her soft skirt, approaching him. At a hand’s reach away, she turned and bent over at the waist, drawing her skirt to the cavern floor.

Darvon’s eyes bugged out of his head. Beautiful pink lips winked at him, glistened with arousal. “Now that is sexy,” he growled in appreciation of her bare pussy.

“It feels deliciously naughty,” Sere said, straightening to turn around and take his cock in her hand. “I’ve wanted this so bad.”

“Show me.” She’d become bold in his absence. He let her take the lead and stifled back a groan of pleasure as she stroked him from tip to base.


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