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969524_375671689222055_1117718288_nTRUTH AS STRANGE AS FICTION

I love to try new things. Some of them work, and some of them don’t. For example – boudain makes great stuffing for a pork roast, but deep frying hominy to make corn nuts is a bad idea. In the book world, my Spanish novels and my cookbook were fun, but not highly profitable and I’ll let you know how the sweeter versions and the audio book work out as soon as I give them a test run. But, I still love to try new things.

This winter, my partners and I will have an ezine. I am really excited about it – Le Bon Temps. The publication will be geared to readers as well as authors and have articles related to everything that makes books such a huge part of our lives. I want to focus on the escapism they provide. Places that inspire books, people that inspire books. Movies made from books. Recipes in books. Short stories. Heck even poems. Author profiles – everything you can think of. I’m in the process of commissioning articles, pictures and short stories. And some of the articles, I will write.

We are putting up a teaser the next month or so, to get some interest going and the article I will post will be AROUND THE BEND. It will showcase an area close to my deer camp – Lake Toledo Bend and historic Natchitoches, Louisiana which is close by. The history of the huge lake is fascinating because it was created in the late 60’s and covered whole towns and cemeteries and farms – some willingly, some unwillingly. My family has a legacy here, we have lived in around the river bottom for over two hundred years. Today, I still prowl around. I go to the Cypress Bend Resort every Sunday. It has a gorgeous country club, a beautiful golf course, fabulous food – but more importantly, they treat my dogs well. The Golf Pro there – my go to guy – lets me drive a golf cart around and Mojo rides back where the golf clubs go.

Anyway, last Sunday, I went over and headed to the Pro Shop to talk to Ken. I told him, for the first time, that I was an author and Cypress Bend had figured heavily in one of my books – Burning Love. I also told him that I was writing an article about the area and I wanted to talk about Cypress Bend and what a beautiful vacation spot it was. He said he would set me up, let everyone know I was coming and I and my photographer could have the run of the place. Then he grinned at me and said “tell me about Burning Love”. Well, I did. I told him my hero was a weapons designer who owned a game preserve and he and the heroine were called to come to Cypress Bend to remove a big alligator from the golf course and while they were there, they spent the night and  – well, you know – had a love scene.

Ken looked at me funny and said, “How did you know?” I thought he meant about the love scene –haha! I said, well, “I made it up.” He said, “No, I meant the alligator. We had a 13 foot alligator on the golf course!” Then, he went and got pictures to prove it to me. I laughed! I was thrilled. I love it when my books relate to real life, and an alligator on the golf course was a good story, and now I know it was a true story.


I love to write about what I know, and Louisiana and Texas have some of the neatest places to explore. I have based books in the bayou, on ranch land, at Enchanted Rock, in the Big Easy, in the Texas Hill Country – and there are so many more places to explore. In Louisiana, I have met traiteurs who are Cajun faith healers. I have met and talked to people who practice hoodoo and voodoo, men who hunt gators for a living and those who spend their time hunting treasure. In Texas, I have talked to bull riders and oil men, Texas Rangers and Dallas cowboy football players. I believe in getting down and dirty with my books and going to where my stories are told. That’s how I ended up in the strip joint and the leper colony!

Just for fun, here’s the excerpt from Burning Love about Cypress Bend  and part of the love scene.

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969524_375671689222055_1117718288_nAs they drove north on I-49 through Alexandria, Harley was both excited and skittish.  She had packed carefully, knowing that Beau intended for them to be intimate to some degree.  As she gathered her lingerie and sleepwear, she had wished for a trip to Victoria’s Secret, but there hadn’t been time.  Just the thought of what they were going to do had her trembling, both from anticipation and trepidation.  It was what she wanted though; she needed to find out if her life could be more than solitude and work.  “So, we’re going to Cypress Bend first?”

     Beau adjusted the radio; he was more interested in what she had to say than he was in the top 40 countdown.  “I thought we’d stay at the resort tonight.  It won’t take me long to relocate that gator.  The local wildlife officers are going to transport her to another spot on Toledo Bend, so all I have to do is catch her and restrain her – and honey, I can do that in my sleep.  You’ll love Cypress Bend.  Do you like to play golf?”

     “Yes,” she said, and she did enjoy playing.  But that wasn’t the game she was interested in at the moment.  “I understand they have a beautiful course.”

     “They do, it has a real tropical feel – lots of water.  But honey, I have something much more enjoyable to share with you than golf.”  Beau let his eyes rove slowly down her body.  In a very non-threatening fashion, he wanted to start turning up the heat.  “Is that gonna be okay with you?”

     “Yes,” her answer was almost a whisper.  Harley was happy that he agreed with her.  Seduction wasn’t her strong suit.

     “But don’t worry; we’re going to do other things, too,” he assured her, hearing the slight edge of nerves in her voice.  “That’s why I brought some guns.  I wanna have a friendly little competition with you.  Really, I can’t wait to see you in action.  The idea of you shooting a rifle makes me hard.”  As soon as he said it, he regretted the reference, but it didn’t seem to faze her – she took her hand in his and squeezed it.

     “That will be fun.  And I’ve always wanted to explore Natchitoches.  Steel Magnolia’s was always one of my favorite films.  It was shot there, right?”

    “Yea, and there are several interesting plantations nearby, but you live in one of those, so that might not thrill you too much.” 

    Wanting tonight to be special, she spoke what was on her heart.  “You thrill me, Beau.  Just the idea that we might find pleasure together is beyond my wildest dreams.”

     “Damn, you have to say that on the interstate; and me with no place to pull off and ravish you.”  He winked at her.  “I promise you this, Nada.  Tonight will be a night you’ll never forget – or I’m not the Ragin Cajun of the Atchafalaya Basin.”          

     “Good Lord,” she laughed at his rhyme. 

     When they arrived at Cypress Bend, Harley was reminded of how big Toledo Bend Reservoir actually was – it was huge.  On the way up, she had read a pamphlet declaring that the lake was sixty-five miles in length, with 1200 miles of shore-line. What she loved about it was the surrounding pine forests.  It was peaceful; there was a natural harmony with the woods and the water. Best of all there was a mystery to it – an almost primitive feel in the bayous and coves that formed the shoreline.  Never having had time to become a birdwatcher, still she was fascinated by the number of species that made the area its home: pelicans, cranes, bald eagles, egrets and several species of ducks.

For privacy’s sake, Beau opted for one of the golf suites.  This wasn’t their honeymoon, but if his baby wanted to be vocal in her pleasure, he didn’t want anyone overhearing her.  Just thinking about caressing her to orgasm, if she was ready, had him as hard as a steel beam.  “Let’s get you settled and then I’m gonna make short work of that alligator wrangling project.”

“Can I help you?”

“Sure, you’re my best partner.”  But, he fully intended to keep her safe.

Making their way to the pro shop to meet the golf course superintendent, Harley couldn’t resist asking, “I see people are still playing golf.  Don’t they know there is an alligator lurking about or are they not told?”

“That’s a good question, lady bug,” he chuckled.  “Courses that are on the water like this, in the reptile’s natural habitat, are expected to have some incidents of alligator sightings.  Usually the golfers and the gators can coexist in peace, but this one is a nesting mama and she’s become more aggressive and territorial.  What they’re doing to ensure the safety is – and I’m not lying – someone is babysitting that female.  I understand that they’ve got grounds keepers sitting in a portable tree-stand making sure she doesn’t charge some unsuspecting golfer or their family.  Instead of hollering ‘fore’, they’re yelling ‘gator’.  Of course, this is Louisiana; people expect and even enjoy the possibility of catching a glimpse of one of our swamp creatures.  We just don’t want anything to happen here like what happened down in South Carolina.  One golfer lost his hand reaching into the water after a ball – the poor old guy was seventy years old and it grabbed him and pulled him in and tore his arm off in the struggle.”

“You be careful, Beau,” she chided him.  “I don’t want you losing any valuable body parts.”

“Don’t worry, Cher.  I won’t be dangling my dick in the water.”

“Stop teasing me,” she fussed as he held the door open to the pro shop.  They met with the superintendent and he notified Parks and Wildlife officials that Beau had arrived.  While they waited, Beau got them both a cold drink and they passed the time watching the golfers tee off at the first hole.  When everyone was ready, they told Beau where to pull his truck to get as close to the area as possible.  He and Harley made their way around the scenic course and she enjoyed seeing the water lilies and other blooming plants.  “There they are,” she pointed.  “Look, that guy just jumped three feet in the air.”

Beau parked and yelled at the guy.  “Stay back, before you lose a leg!” He took out his gear and handed Harley one of the hooks.  “When I get down there, let me get up close and personal and you don’t step up until I tell you.  Okay, doll?”

“Okay.”  She thought how different it would be if they were approaching a bomb.  She would be the one with the skills, doing her best to protect him.  Approaching the female alligator, Harley was amazed to see that this one was considerably larger than the one in the housing addition in Beaumont had been.  “What will we do about her eggs?”

“Don’t worry, the Parks guys will gather them up and move them together and even help her set up another nest.  They’ll take care of her.”

Beau worked fast and even though there were others there to help, he let her tape the mouth shut.  When she finished, she held her hands up in triumph – “two wraps and a hooey!” She smiled, mimicking the move she had seen rodeo calf ropers do when they had tied off the calves legs in record time.

Beau ate her up with his eyes.  Even though they were surrounded by
onlookers, he couldn’t resist.  “You’re precious, did you know that?  I’m so damn glad you walked back into my life.”

And now for the hot part:


     Her hands were magical.  She massaged his chest, kneading his pecs, smiling a secret little smile when his nipples hardened under her fingertips.  When a hoarse groan escaped, she glanced up at him to make sure she was still welcome.  “Don’t you dare stop.  I love your hands on me.”  To put her back at ease, he picked up on their previous conversation.  “I always thought I had more time to share with you, I guess.  Our former lives seemed faraway.  Looking back, I realize I should have found out every detail about you that I could.  I was your protector and I let you down.”

     “Shhhh,” Harley didn’t want to think about Pell right now.  Touching Beau’s body was making her excited and that thrilled her.  “Your biceps are so big; I can’t reach around them with both hands.”  Beau flexed for her and she giggled.  “I think I would like for you to be my protector now.  You’re built like Conan the Barbarian.”

     “Taking care of you is Job One, baby.” 

     She explored his forearms – so firmly muscled and thick.  Sturdy wrists and the most beautiful manly hands she had ever seen.  Picking up his left hand, she held it to her cheek.  “I love your hands.  They are broad and capable.  And the veins on top are so sexy.” 

     When she traced them with her tongue, he had to close his eyes and force himself to be still.  There was one part of him that wasn’t behaving.  His cock had a mind of its own.  The towel was beginning to rise like a magician’s trick.  “Don’t pay no attention to my dick, baby.  He can’t help it.”

     “I know.” She moved down his body, skipping the part that seemed to want her the most – she just wasn’t ready for that yet.  “I guess you’ve been with many beautiful women, haven’t you?”  His feet didn’t escape her notice, or his calves – or knees.  Harley left no part of him feeling neglected – except one. 

     “I’m thirty-two, Harley.  No one would ever mistake me for a monk.”

    His thigh muscles fascinated her.  She rubbed her palms from his knee to his groin and back.  “No, I suppose not.”  Her eyes were drawn to where his manhood was sheltered.  She gasped. There was no mistaking his size, even under the cover of modesty.  A hungry sensation began deep inside her pussy.  Harley was horny. 

     “Are you sure you want to . . .” she paused.  Now what was she trying to ask?  The sight of his arousal was all she could see or think about.  “Uh – are you sure you want to waste your time with me?  Look at you.  You’re every woman’s dream.  And I can’t – I can’t even. . .”                             

     He was up and she was in his arms before she could say another word.  “You mean more to me than anybody, Nada.  We can work through this.  All I’m asking for is a chance.” 

      “I feel the same way, Beau.” She pressed her face into his throat.  “I just don’t want to take advantage of you or frustrate you.”  Both of them became aware of what lay between them, and it wasn’t a misunderstanding.  The light was dim, but the towel had fallen away.  And like a magnet, her eyes were drawn to the evidence of his desire for her.  Hesitantly, she lifted her hand – then drew it back. 

     “It’s okay, baby.  Touch me.  That part of me only wants to please you, make you feel good.”

     “I know that.  My mind can sort it out, it’s just my body doesn’t always obey.”  Seeing that she was feeling uncomfortable, he stood and led her to the couch and they sat down.  Beau drew her close, tucking her under his arm and she rested her head on his shoulder.  He waited.  His cock was standing straight up – stiff, hard as a board.  It was all up to her.   

      “Give me your mouth,” he whispered.  She didn’t make him wait long – she touched.  They both gasped in the midst of the kiss, sharing their breath as they shared the ecstasy of discovery.  Beau didn’t let it be awkward; he cupped her face and drank from her lips while she rubbed his cock.  With tentative strokes, she learned his shape and texture, the wonder of it throbbing in her hand.  “Having your hand on me is heaven.”  He smooched at her lips and let her play with his cock.  It wasn’t even close to being an expert handjob, but it didn’t need to be.  It was his Nada touching him and that made all the difference.  Against his chest, he felt her nipple harden and Beau knew she was aroused. 

      “Ummm, Beau – you feel so good.  I love touching you.”  And that was all it took, her admission added to her innocent caress caused him to come in her hand. 

      Hot, wet pulses drew her attention.  She pulled back to look at the wonder of it.  Streams of creamy colored sperm shot out onto his stomach and dripped down her hand.  Harley held him until he was through.  Then she rubbed her thumb over the tip, and he jerked a bit.  “It’s sensitive.”

     Harley pulled back.  “Let me get a washrag.”

     She was escaping.  He didn’t know if it was because she was embarrassed or if she regretted it or if she was just scared.  Het let her go.  When she returned, she handed it to him, and he cleaned himself up.  “Thanks.  Now, I want to hold you.  God, I love to touch you.  That was incredible.  Being with you anyway I can, is a dream come true.”

     Harley met his gaze, longing in her eyes.  “Compared to what you’re used to, that was probably pitiful.  And while I loved every second of that, I’m afraid to go further.”

     “You gave me more pleasure than I can even begin to explain to you.”  He took her chin in his hand and kissed her full on the mouth.  “This is more than I anticipated for our first time.  We’re going to take this slow.  It’s too important to me – to us.  Okay?”

      Entwining her arms around his neck, she almost sobbed with relief.  “Okay.  I can’t believe you’re being this understanding.  Are you real?”

     “Pinch me and see.”


Thanks for reading

Sable Hunter


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  1. Emma Fitzgerald

    Great story as always Sable!! Look forward to all your new and upcoming projects!! 🙂

  2. I love reading the story behind the books. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!!

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