Losing My RT V-Card and RT RECAP


Good Morning,

It’s been about three days since the conference and I am finally getting back to normal at home. Really, I thought since RT was held in my town it’d be a cakewalk and I wouldn’t be so totally exhausted!

I was dead wrong 😛

I have so many fantastic memories I don’t know where to start so everything will be totally out of order:P

RT began with me behind the scenes, helping with my two wonderful teen daughters help to get things set up the weekend before. As a local my job didn’t have coverage to give me the full week off, so while everyone was getting settled in Monday and Tuesday I was at the EDJ itching to be down at the hotel to get things started. If you know nothing about me, I’m…..horribly impatient.

On Day One I met Chaz who promptly stole my V-card in like a matter of seconds, it left me unsatisfied and I had to let him know too later that day that I needed to be devirginized all conference to make it memorable 😛 Thankfully I had the Cover Models and CaveMen to give me a long lasting impression.


Pimp my badge was fun. I enjoyed sitting at the table with people I didn’t know and getting to know them. I have to admit that my badge pimpage didn’t last long. My goodies kept falling off 😦

CoverModel Karaoke was great. A group of us all picked Summer Nights from Grease!


I met so many people I can’t remember all names, so don’t hate lol!

How Sweet isInspirational Morning Mixer Host(s): 

Thomas Nelson, Zondervan Publishing


Colleen Coble, Rachel Hauck

The Breakfast was fantastic as was the company. I didn’t realize the Christian sweet romance genre was so widely popular and am looking forward to reading some great stories built on hope and faith.

The Fountain City Jazz Mixer was a ton of fun Jennifer Bernard, Colleen Gleason (aka Joss Ware), Samantha Grace, Liliana Hart, Lauren Hawkeye, Tamara Hogan, Sabrina Jeffries, Mina Khan, Katy Madison, Mia Marlowe, Elisabeth Naughton, Theresa Ragan, Heather Snow, Carla Swafford, Joan Swan, Denise Grover Swank, Julie Ann Walker

All of the events were so much fun. I think my favorite daytime event was Avon’s Two Ply Bride party. Where a group of us had to come up with a wedding dress made out of toilet paper, safety pins, tape, those pipe thingies, some ribbon and tulle. I think we did bad azz at it!


Doesn’t she look fabulous?

I also Enjoyed the Intergallactic Bar and Grille. I was the Queen and was given a green alien pet from the table next to me.


PJ and her fabulous costume made me want to be just like her!


The Covermen brought laughter to the Reunion Gala with their Men in tights performance!


Spotlights and Classes!

I really had a great time with Mina Khan, Jeannie Lin, Shawntelle Madison, Suleikha Snyder who ran True Colors: Writing Diversity for a Diverse Audience.

The setting was so was so comfortable and they engaged the audience in things we like and pet peeves for reading multi cultural or interracial books. These lovely ladies really gave some insight into how we describe out men and ladies of color. We talked about authenticity and writing out of our comfort zone and what we feel readers are looking for when escaping into a great read.

I went toa craft class and enjoyed the subect detail  Jennifer L. Armentrout (aka J. Lynn), Jeaniene Frost, Erin McCarthy, Tammara Webber

 GENRE: NEW ADULT: Coming of Age — New Adult Fiction for the Young at Heart.

These ladies some had stories they’d shopped years ago and was told this age group demo was a non factor and years down the line some were asked if they still had stories, after the indie publishing shed light to the massive amount of readership wanting stories.

I then met some Rom Vets while walking in the link to grab some grub!


At the EC Spotlight they discussed what they were looking for in submissions and pitches.

Avon, Harper Collins Spotlight did the same.  Although I wasn’t able to attend most of the Avon spotlight. I did find out they want submissions in IR and MC 😛 which are right up my alley!

I loved…loved….loved CRAFT: Hot, Hot Heroes: Creating the Contemporary Heartthrob panel with Jennifer Bernard, Lizbeth Selvig, Candis Terry.

These ladies each took turns in drawing out ways to craft the perfect hero for our readers either as alphas, betas or a mixture of both. We discussed traits, flaws, and what we felt makes the hero stand out. 

I mentioned how I love to have damaged heroes. internally externally doesn’t matter. The more damaged the hero the more I love him for his perserverance and self confidance gained by over coming, or emotionally damaged and his ability to share his issues with his lady.

We also discussed the type of woman a hero needs to compliment him. I wish there was a hand out for that class to keep handy. I’m not sure I’ll remember it all.

Below:Me before the Sex Goddess Hour


Below: Me after the Sex Goddess Hour


Okay so while I cannot discuss what went on in that room for that hour, I can tell you that after being the last one standing and earning the naughtiest crown if might’ve sat down and left some to the imagination. They asked some fabulous questions though and it was amusing to see so many sexy like minded women of all ages!

Book Fair Time!

I enjoyed helping during the bookfair. I chose not to sign there because I wanted to get a feel for the conference before going all in next year! NOLA here I Come 2014 bigger and badazzery better!

I saw Shabari BunnyIMG_0757 I met some great peeps!

I LOVE ME SOME ETHAN DAY! And only four years after chatting on line I got to meet his fabulously sexy self in person. His hair is fantastic!


And Kendall Grey is fabulous!


DD…One of my Fav Online Mentors who always have time to help and coax and push a writer to just do it! I’ll have to hit up her sister for our pic so I can add it!


I have way too many pictures  of friends to add so I’ll post a few below! I’ll create a FB photo album and link here later on.

IMG_0768 Skylar Kade has some wicked crops! I know I won one!

IMG_0675 Julie Ann Walker gave me a fab tee!


Louisa is fabulous so is Ms. Joy 😛

IMG_0635 Coreen Callahan give me more Dragon’s Stat!

Love me some Rebecca Royce and Ann Mayburn who had lunch with me and my girls and world built with my oldest daughter who is an aspiring author 😛


Okay so Now for the Ball and my Fab dress and shoes I got to take a pic with Karen Robards and Jude Deveraux OMG Fan girl moment!


Watching the first women of Romance recieving awards for their years of talent and success was great. Being in a conference of creative people always makes me feel better, almost home kinda feeling. Creative people don’t always fit in with society or clique of people. I know I’ve been in my own world most of my life lol and get teased mercilessly by family and friends but I wouldn’t take me any other way! it’s just great to see I’m not the only one out there that is creating subconsciously!

If you can’t tell I had a great time! Even watching people take pics of our crazy snow, although the Starbucks should’ve stayed open all day, and the restaraunts too so odd. 

Check out this Video 🙂 We had an insane amount of fun in the lobby of the Sheraton KCMO

Halem Shake RT Style

Anyhoo  I have so much swag and so many books my banquet table is full. Insane! Be sure to watch out for some great contests. I also was able to donate two boxes of books to SOS America and One box of event swag bags left over and books to my local library!

Now I need a nap after sharing all of this, and this is only a small part of it. I keep hearing I was everywhere! I guess I was!


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  1. Looks like being there was so much fun.

  2. You looked like you had tons of fun. I couldn’t find you tweet button.

  3. Loved finally meeting you in the flesh! You were so cute and excited! Hope to see you at NOLA next year!

  4. Aloha, Mahalia! What a great recap … you’ll revile in these memories … ’til New Orleans! Thanks again for thinking of SOS America!

  5. Whoo-hoo! You are a whirlwind, and these photos — and totally different looks! — show it. It was more than a blast!

  6. I couldn’t wait to get home to read this post! This looked and sounded like you had a great time. And to know that it’s in my hometown next year, this just made the top of my Christmas Wish List!

  7. Heavens, Hales! You really participated! I do hope to go next year…I just found out I’ve been nominated to go to Washington DC with a nephew as a school chaperone, but barring that conflicting, I’ll be there!

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