My Decadent Journey

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Burn Me if You CanTime passes too quickly! I can’t believe two years has passed since I’ve become a Decadent author. I remember when the house first opened up and my good friend Keta nudged me to submit a story. I wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity and of course time in my schedule to get working on some new fabulous stories.

And then. Kate Richards and Val gave me the deets for the 1NS line, and I was hooked line and sinker. I have never penned a story with a setting already in and detailed instructions on what was acceptable to use and what wasn’t in regards to the Castillo family members in stories. I looooove Kate and Val and their dedication as editors, and friends.

At that time I had been published in genral for maybe a year and was still fumbling with my particular voice. Stumbling over expressing what my brain was screaming at me to write and making everything make sense. While my vocab has always been vast, I got a first hand view of how many times a word could be said in a short story.

My wonderful editors showed me how to improve my writing with the self edit forms, the house style guide and their own specific pet peeves they liked changed. I was more of a passive writer when I began. My detail was not so specific and honed. And I absolutely hated transitioning from scenes and settings.

TMNL_SMOnce I had better tools, and the ease of writing became more natural than forced, the stories just seemed to roll out of me.  I started thinking on bigger ideas, writing more character driven than plot driven and layered not only characters, their traits and characteristics, but the plot as well, adding in more sub plots and it was all natural.

I never knew there was a GMC Guideline. I didn’t know there were parts of a story. I just wrote, but with time and endless questions to editors who were always available to me, I picked up the technical aspects of writing extremely fast.

I learned my crutch words and crutch phrases- meaning in every story I’ve written I’ve used a similar or like phrase. I can catch myself now. I’m having a brain freeze trying to think of one off the top of my head.

Editing Hell…. what do you mean I can’t use the word finger fifteen times in these passages, and clit, and cock, and hell…..sentence reforming sucks monkeys salted balls.

I swear-that’s a real word even if the squiggly line from word keeps telling me it’s not. What do you mean it’s not a real word? Can I make it one?

Faceplant: I forgot to make my document save every ten seconds. A kid kicked my plug out….all that work to do over 😦

Crap. Okay so I can’t make up a fake airport in this real town? Finnnne…. (this is why I write more paranormal…to many rules in contemporary)

Blooper!!!! I think the funniest was when I had a hero toggling the heroine’s clit in a sex scene. Just because you read a word in another story and you think it sounds different or good doesn’t mean it really is. That got removed during editing with a sidebar comment of really Hales… or something like that.

The most exciting part of the journey aside from wonderful readers who make writing such a pleausre, is personal growth and finding new ways to explore writing, changing thinking process and gaining experience.

I am thankful that my pub took a chance on a new writer and have worked to help me grow. Their vested interest in me makes me want to push harder to be a better author for their company.

TPOD_SMSatin-and-Steel300x450ML_Trading Up_SM

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  1. Ooh, kicked the plug out? I’m groaning with you, lol
    So you were hooked by the 1NS series too? 🙂

  2. Ha! of course — sentence reforming sucks monkeys salted balls.!!! I love it. Door. I had like 15 doors on one page. Busted!!! monkey salted balls – I’ve had ’em. And actually they aren’t too bad with a little tequila! :p Thanks for being with DP!

  3. Jessica Subject

    Kate and Val are excellent teachers. They’ve found my crutch words, too, though they seem to change with every story. LOL

    Congrats on two years at Decadent, Mahalia! 🙂

  4. Oh man, Kate and Val won’t let us slip anything past them. They’ve busted me too. I’m going to try those salted monkey balls with tequila, Eva. Thanks for the tip! Congrats Mahalia on your success. Love the beautiful book covers!

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