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Amaranta Costa uses her Kanima as an avoidance tactic, until the one person she cherishes most is taken from her. When Gavin Ford enters the fray uninvited, she’s forced to accept the help of his pack to find her mate.

Trusting others isn’t her forte. Though her inner jaguar accepts him hands down, the woman in her fights his dominating, take-control nature. Unlike Marisol’s soft personality, Gavin’s wolf challenges her at every turn. She can find no escape. His abrasiveness both sets her on edge and pleases her. She finds being in Marisol’s arms isn’t enough; the all-consuming need to be his burns to her core. There’s no denying the chemical attraction arcing among the three of them.

Will she reach out, and accept the love and support waiting for her?


The raucous wails intensified and the crunch of tires entering her private drive grew louder. Amara pressed on, breaking through the foliage into her large back yard to see uniformed officers walking the perimeter of her house.

“Excuse me?” Amara padded across her back yard, aware of her nudity and one enforcement officer leering at her. The other looked uncomfortable. Humans. Why do they find nudity unacceptable, since everyone born into the world came without clothes? How she hated the restricting fibers and longed to live in nothing but her skin. Maybe a blanket for times when the cold bit into her, chilling her to the bone.

“Ma’am, your alarm system activated. We called and no one answered. Are you harmed?”

“No, not at all.” She crossed her arms under her breasts. Their eyes roved over her and the one speaking seemed to lose his voice. They appeared confused as to why she paraded around like she did.

“Sir, the house is clear.”

“I’m sure it was just a false alarm.” Amara whipped her head to the left, addressing the female officer entering through her veranda doors.

“Are you certain? We found your front door wide open when we pulled up the drive. The perpetrator may still be in the area. Ma’am, would you mind putting on some clothes?”

Of course there wasn’t an intruder in the house; she’d feel the presence. She weighed the probability of Mari forgetting to lock up behind herself. No other lingering scents clung in the air. No dark aura. Seething in anger at her girlfriend’s lack of awareness, she stalked to her door, leaving the officers to follow her indoors. “I do mind dressing on my own property. I like being naked—”

“Still, ma’am…talking to you’d be a lot easier if you wore clothing.”

“For fuck’s sake.” Amara glared at the unwanted guests.

“She’ll put on some clothes if I have to drag her to her room myself and dress her.” Gavin’s authoritative voice entered into the standoff.

“I will not. This is my place. If they don’t like my appearance they can leave.” Amara whipped around and stared down Gavin’s steel wall of unwanted authority. “What are you doing here?” She’d never seen the man anywhere but at The Delightful Kitty. In his cargo pants and T-shirt, he looked damn good standing in her house.

“Heard the call on my scanner. Wanted to check on you and Mari. Go put on some clothes, babe. I’ll keep the five-oh company.”

Amara opened her mouth to speak and switched outlets.

How do you know where I live?

Drake told me. Now go put on some clothes. Though I don’t mind staring at you, not one bit.

Contest: Let’s have a giveaway. Comment in a post on why you love paranormal romance! Let me know if you’ve read F/F/M romance before too!

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  1. Your book and characters sound most intriguing, Mahalia. Their contrast and attraction are obviously going to bring on the fireworks! What a happy day for you! Book releases are so fun. I love paranormal romance because it’s the way I see the world. To me, 2+2=5.

  2. Wow! Sounds interesting! I’ll have to add this to my TBR list for sure!

  3. Thanks Flossie 😛 I love release day!

  4. Woohoo Congrats on our relese day Mahalia !!! I love parnormals but have to admit i’ve never read f/f/m so I’m looking forward to this one !!!


  5. WOW. This looks awesome! I can’t wait to read it. Yes, I read M/F/M, but never have ventured to two girls and a guy! But this one looks great!

  6. Krista thanks for commenting with your email addy you have won 😛

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  8. tyle żarłocznością smoka, co
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    detail – Glenda – smoczej jamy. Swoistości ówczesny bogate.
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    potwór nie dorównywała zwyczajowym, fun.

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