Veterans I Salute You!

The time I spent in the Navy is one of the fondest times of my life. I met such a group of amazing women and men who served with me. Through bootcamp we bonded, forging friendships hard forgotten. Deployed or on base the men and women who served with me gave me the family I never had but always wanted. I look through my Navy Yearbook and remember the paces the Company Commander put me through to toughen me up and show me how to work with others as a team instead of everything being about me. The skillset I learned will never be forgotten. The family members such as my Grandpa who was tickled pink that I’d followed steps into the military, and even my father, though unknown at the time I’d entered. Perhaps the one great man and the one missing from my life had a hand in why I joined.

I salute everyone who has served our country and those who fought to maintain our freedom. I am a blessed American to be united with so many fantastic people including my ROM Vet’s women.

I’m wishing everyone a fantastic day. And offering a copy of my first ever Release Embrace The Moment as a Prize for one lucky commentor. Leave your email address in your comment and if you have a story of your own of a vetran family member I’d love to hear, if not I’d still love a comment on what Vetrans mean to you!

Naval Aviator Lark Maddox works for the United States Coast Guard. Honor and Integrity are the morals she lives by, yet her heart has been stolen by one under her command. On windswept waters she’s forced to make the hardest decision of her life.

Master Chief Survival Tech Acer Davidson doesn’t believe in love or marriage. Affected by his father’s death, he has forsworn ever having a family and making any permanent tie. When tragedy occurs, will he seize the opportunity of a lifetime or let the best thing in his life float away on the rippling tide.

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Catching a glimpse of his backside, she almost fell when arousal hit her full force. She had to fight to keep her composure as his long lean legs strike the pavement. He was pure sin, the way he held his posture while he moved. An exasperated sigh left her mouth. The audible sound seemed to resonate as she rolled her eyes and caught up with him. No doubt about it, she’d sold her soul to the devil.

She shifted closer and rammed her elbow into his side. “Watch out for those muscle pains. We wouldn’t want the Master Chief harmed or the base would shut down.”


Acer grimaced and looked around the empty roads. He snaked his hand out and gripped the tight bun her golden hair was wrapped into. His hand became entangled in the strands. He used the leverage to drag her over to him. Out of breath and angry, he searched for the reason of her bitchy tone.

“Let go, Master Chief. That’s a direct order.”

“Or what, Lark?” He pulled tighter; the action pulled her head up, stilling the hand working around his to free her hair. His lips crushed hers, searing them with his intent to harm. He took and plundered, angrily nipping and sucking on her soft plump mouth. His body hummed with unresolved desire. Her surrender pleased him and elicited a resonant growl. He didn’t need to see her to feel her reactions. Her clinging body was enough to alert him to her acceptance of the situation that was left up in the air last night. Abruptly he ended the kiss and put space between them. The sun would be too bright in moments and they could be seen. “We have an accord?” His voice held a mix of danger and passion.

“Fuck you, Acer.”  He heard the air swoosh and the blunt force of her palm striking his face. The action stunned him into silence.  And by the look on Lark’s face–-the wobble of her bottom lip and the panicky fight or flight look in her dilated eyes–-the move surprised her also. Dazed and confused he touched where he was sure a red mark stained his face. Time ticked by as he stared after her jetting away from him before he recovered.

A slice of ill humor brewed inside him as he took off at warp speed to catch up to her. The pale morning was leaving them behind as he gained on her, and then led her toward an abandoned area of the base free from other eyes and ears.

Once they were shrouded away he pushed her lithe body up against the thick support of a mangled decommissioned boat. Like a manacle, his fingers trapped the hand used to strike his face. Nostrils flaring, he looked down at her stunned face. A hint of a smirk played on the edge of his mouth. His lips once again closed over hers, his other hand moved down to slide under the elastic of her shorts and slid them out of the way to palm her mound.

The feel of her warm lips against his as she responded in kind and her lone hand pressed against his sweat-soaked T-shirt, made it harder to contain his hunger. She moved her leg up and hooked onto his hip. He touched her spot, drank in her quiver of need. The same spot he had overwhelmed the previous night.


He loved how his name fell from her lips and pushed his shorts down. Penetration had never been sweeter. He saw the rough metal digging into her skin, but didn’t change his pattern. Her body coiled in obvious need. Her leg slid tighter around his waist. Still pissed he gave no inch to her, each strike more brutal, the ripping sound of T-shirt material against metal not deterring him.

He bit her breast through her shirt, then smirked at her. “I know you like being bit as much as this hurts.” He bit her again and tilted her hips up, better to slam into her small body. “You also like the friction clothes provide.” Pressing the rough material of his shorts against her clit, he tracked the kaleidoscope of pleasure ride her blue eyes.


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  1. My youngest son has been serving in the navy for the last 15 1/2 years. My oldest son’s wife is serving in the Army. One of them is in Washington state the other in Hawaii. Makes it sad during the holidays when we can’t spend them together. However, i am so very proud of both of them and their service to our country.

  2. Thanks Ellen for sharing. Deployment and far away postings are hard for families. I hope you get to see them all soon! My ex is in the Army and he’s been stationed and deployed most of my daughters life. Lots of scyping, cell to cell calls and emails. I understand your heartache.

  3. My brother has been in the Marines for almost 13 years now. We are so very proud of his willing sacrifice. I just want to THANK all those who have/do serve in all branches of the military.

  4. I happen to be the only Marine in my family. My mom was in the Navy during the Korean War, and my dad served in the Army during WWII. I have had brothers in the Army, in-laws serving in both Navy and Army and uncles that were Air Force. I had a rough day yesterday, as I gave a speech honoring all the women that had lost their lives during Vietnam to the present OIF/OEF Wars.

    Thank you for your service. Ashley, tell you brother-Semper Fi!

  5. Oops!!
    Left off my name and e-mail.

    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

  6. My best friend and my father are both Marines. Daddy was honorably discharged due to heart complications when I was a young child, yet continues as a Texas National Guard member. He made Gunny Sergent last year. 🙂

    Daddy wanted so bad to serve at war, but there were no wars while he was in.

    My best friend is due home in the next couple months. He’s been in Iraq for the past year, was shot in the chest, then after healing went back into rotation. I hope he comes home safe.

    My grand father {Daddy’s dad} was an Army Medic during WWII, Mama’s Dad was Army Sergeant during WWII, and hubby’s grandpa was also in WWII Army.

    My father’s dad, and hubby’s grandpa were both buried in national cemeteries

    Thanks to everyone, from every branch, who has ever served our country.

    • Thanks so much! That is quite a fam history! Thank you for commenting. I sort of wanted to serve during war but didn’t get the chance. I’m grateful that there wasn’t a war then but I’d have loved to be able to fight for my country.

  7. So glad you have this post. I honor all our veterans and our active duty personnel.

  8. Veterans means that the rest of us can enjoy freedoms like in no other country in the world! My dad was Army back in WWII – he served in England. He’s 91 and still with us and attended the Veterans Day celebration at his retirement home with my sister and brother and their families.

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