Where in The World is….. Mahalia Levey?


Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? No… Really it’s Where in the U.S. is Mahalia Levey?

This weekend my publisher Secret Cravings Publishing is hosting a fun contest.  Most friends and fans have an idea where I’m from, however I’ve found some fun facts that will shake things up!

Now, I’ve lived just about everywhere in the U.S. Of A. But there is one place where I call home. It’s the one place that time and time again I’ve returned to even after grousing that I’d never put down roots. I love the community I live in but at one point in time, yes at a younger age, I wanted more excitement and built a life in New York. Sometimes it takes being far removed from home, to realize in hindsight that home was absolutely perfect.


Where is “Mahalia “Hales” Levey?

  • We are known for our Barbeque
  • The birth of the Cowboy hat was here
  • Walt Disney Began his first Animation Studio here.
  • “When you care enough to send the very best” is the slogan that was born here


Okay one more hint!

  • We are the largest producer of boxed chocolates in the world

I apologize for the delay. I’m away on Vacation and this didn’t post. I just got the message today. Thanks for still Participating!

I’ll be giving away a copy of my latest release Only Skin Deep, a Multicultural anthology with three romances:P Please comment with where I live and I will pick a winner on Oct 10th!


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  1. Kansas City, Missouri…..Angie in Illinois

  2. I googled a few of these and am not sure…but I will go with the flo and say Kansas City.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  3. First animation studio gave it away…Kansas City.

  4. Kansas city

  5. Thanks for responding everyone!

    Angie Adair responded first but didn’t leave a email. I’ll pick two winners. Angie Adair if you’ll provide your email i can send you a copy of Only Skin Deep.

    Melissa I’ll send you a copy this evening!

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