Character Traits, World Building and Demonic Warrior

A few years ago, I plotted out this trilogy and embarked on my first world build. In the first book Demonic Persuasion my heroine was kidnapped and returned to her rightful home after years of subjugaton by her grandfather who resided over her people.

Through twists and turns she embarks on her own journey, finds a mate and now has to choose which realm she belongs in. Being of both worlds yet foreign to one stacks the odds up against her.

While I built this world that closely mirrors Earth, I didn’t take into consideration how out of place Hakan would feel as he leaves the only home he’s known to bring justice to his family and stop the faction responsible for not only his sister’s abuse but other worldly species as well.

I’m in the middle of writing Demonic Warrior and watching how things are unfolding, sorting what is good from what is not. I have my character sheets to keep me on track and a list of internal and external conflicts. Each time a new one arises, I  jot it down before I forget or run off on some other tangent.

I recently had a thought out of nowhere- love it when that happens 😛 The villain is not such a bad guy after all but his choices have made his life very difficult. I may do a spin on what might’ve been if he’d made just one other decision at a crucial point in time.

That’s how life affects everyone, one decision can either be the domino effect to bring us to the lowest point in our lives or be the bulb flashing, warning us to wait and find a better solution, to be selfless, or to know if being selfless is the flaw that will destroy us and those we love.

Characters can change as you’re writing them but that doesn’t exuse or minimize their destructive decisions or make them go away.  Now I have an old man I sympathize with and it will make writing this story so much more interesting. 

Do You Believe in Second Chances?

Here’s  a peek at what I’m working on!

Premise – In a world where evil is masked as good. A half breed God of dark and light fights for family honor and saving Earth.

Dine God Hakan faces enormous responsibility. With one foot in the realm of Hell and the other on Earth he struggles to balance his duties to his Leige Azazel and his personal agenda to bring down the faction responsible for harming his sister Fatal. Strategist by nature he’s caught unaware by a waif like photographer. With war on the brink of erupting he has no time for women in his life. Duty and family come first not sins of the flesh, no matter how enticing they might be.

Dahlia Vincent craves the touch of a good man. On assignment she’s taken breathless by the beauty of a Navajo warrior. After accidently insulting him, she agrees to help him investigate those around him. She’ll do anything to earn his trust and keep stoking the passion burning between them, even if it means facing Hell’s Inferno.






Tag Line-   There’s a thin line between good and evil, where only love can fall between


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