Step in and Get to Know Me!

I participated on a different blog but thought I’d share here and open up my blog for others to share! Tag You’re It!

I AM a Mom, fiancé, sister, aunt, daughter, cook, laundress, book keeper, disciplinarian, educated, a sweetheart, a respiratory therapist and writer.

I LOVE canoeing, reading, writing, Army Wives, Lifetime, swimming, and chocolate.

I HATE liars, bullies and assholes.

I FAIL miserably at rules, babysitting and being on time.

I RESIST authority and eating healthy.

I DREAM OF sexy characters, trips around the world and really weird shit.

I BUY books, sex toys, funnel cakes, more books, chocolate, lotions and perfumes and sexy undergarments.

I COLLECT books, shot glasses and postcards.

I DRINK Caffeine free coke, decaf coffee and yummy decaf lattes, some water and lots of decaf green tea.

I CRAVE Sex, cuddling and chocolate. In exactly that order.

I HAVE many blessings: Family, friends, a home, a man, air conditioning a job and the ability to write.

I NEVER KNEW that just because someone said they were your friend…they really weren’t.

I’VE LEARNED not to give a crap what others think. And only to give a crap what the people you love most think.

I TRY to be a great friend.

I MISS my best friend’s mom who passed more than my own.

I LIKE time to myself, to spend time with just the DH and quality time with each of my teens on their own.

I FEAR death.

I CANNOT RESIST smiling all the time (almost all the time).

I EAT ice cream, Chinese food and Jimmy Johns.

I REGRET Not taking my DH to be out of the friend zone 15 years ago. Wasted a lot of time when he was right there all along.

I CHERISH my family and friends.

I DEPLORE injustice, heat, abusers, seeing males sag their pants as they waddle across an intersection.


About mahalia2010

Mother, Sister, Friend, Author

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