Do You Have Weird Dreams?

Have you ever had a really wacky dream?

I mean a what in the hell kind of recreation drug would someone think I’ve taken kind of dream?

I say this because the first thing my fiance said when I recalled this bizarre dream was….what were you taking last night and why didn’t you save me some….

Let’s start with my Asian American Boyfriend….Damn he’s hot!

And how he tricks me into going on a float trip.

Now for the weird part!

Yes. I dreamed that I was this Caucasian college student on a float trip from hell. Went to meet my Asian American boyfriend only to find out it was a float trip for my life.

There were all these other females only in canoes and there were all these males up on a bridge watching and we had to dive into the water to pick our partner by finding a face mask that was identical matching indentions of their face and glass. The masks were buried in the sand and we had to wiggle hard to bring them out.

My hunky athletic male is caucasian with brown hair, blue eyes and boyishly handsome not chiseled handsome. He didn’t have a name just a number and I don’t remember.  So there are all kinds of issues as we’re paddling down the 8 mile stretch.

Turns into a lake with caves and the water runs through them. I’m totally freaking and he’s all calm, we don’t have shoes just containers for water. We’re wearing swimsuits and that’s it. In the canoe is a first aid kit.

I’m not sure what happens but we fast forward to town and we’re running through to get to the finish line. We’re winning except the people don’t plan on letting anyone win.

We get fed and roped back up to do the race again… but it deviates because he’s not allowed to go back with me.

Somehow I end up in town again and in someone’s house following a path of water to the kids bathroom and floaties pop out of the faucet.  The family sees me and gives me shoes, a sweatshirt and feed me. My arm starts to burn like there’s something in it. I have to get back to the race and when I do I’m more prepared but this time its dark.

My hunky guy finds me and I don’t know how but we navigate again and then all of the sudden, I’m on land running through a desert and trapped In quick sand. He’s screaming at me to stay still in a foreign language that can’t be human.

He’s pulling but I’m not coming lose and then these tentacle things come wrapped around my legs. I’m free after he does something and exhausted. So we’re walking through the desert and he kills some type of bug  that resembles a scorpion and uses the pinchers to dig in my skin and removes something not sure what it was.

And then I woke up. DH turned on the TV to Sat Morning Cartoons.

This might be a dream that turns into a story! My editor goes…you’re even creative when you sleep!

Tell me about your wierd dreams!


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  1. OMG, girl, that was one weird dream. You so have to do a story around it.

    • LOL Relay for Life….The Alien Race. I might if I can dream it again and remember more. It played like a movie I remember that just don’t remember all of it. Wrote most of it down as soon as I woke up.

  2. LOL very, very cool.

  3. Wow. That kind of dream makes you wake feeling like you just fought the Devil.

    I frequently have dreams that range from tragic to comical. One of the worst “real life” ones involved a Thanksgiving party gone wrong. I had all the in-laws here. Someone drained my pond and put all the goldfish in a bucket in the kitchen, which someone else kicked over while I was trying to get a big turkey out of the freezer. (Why was it still there? IDK) So I’m frantically picking up slippery goldfish while my mother-in-law watches disapprovingly and the rest of the family is getting hungry.

    Once I dreamt my husband was training me on the proper use of a knife. He instructed me to stab him in the heart, but when I tried I missed, so he told me to turn it upward. I did. He said much better and died. I woke trembling and in a cold sweat over that one.

    But the most bizzare was when I dreamt I was in bed with a giant frog. I don’t know why I chose to make love with this slimy amphibian, but when he came he squirted cups and cups of blueberry syrup all over me.

    And did you ever notice when you’ve gotta pee you dream about going? Try as I may, as many places as I find to releave myself, I’m still full and searching for another spot. (I always wake up, though). And when you’re running in a dream, doesn’t it feel like your legs are in quicksand, or carrying heave weights so you can’t go fast?

    Can’t wait to hear more. Come on, folks!

    • OMG ROFL!!!!!!!!!! You made love with a frog who squirted blueberry sauce on you that is so hilarious!!!!!

      out of all the dream segments that’s the one I’m dying laughing over. I too have had to pee 😛 I dream oddball shit all the time lol just not in movie reel motion

  4. Jessica Subject

    I have dreams like that, usually when I’m sick and have taken cold medicine just so I can sleep the entire night without waking up. Gotta love when they fast-forward like that, too. LOL

  5. Now THAT’S a dream, lol. I’ve been having some vivid ones lately, but you’ve got me beat, lol.

  6. Oh wow, strange indeed! I’m with you, most of my dreams make it into my books. The following is a dream that made it into my recent release, Finless:”Sarah watched as the woman stared straight ahead, her facial expression becoming one of determination, yet obedience. The man titled his head slightly toward her ear, quietly telling the woman something. Yet, he still did not look directly at his companion, as if she were his subject, not his mate.
    What occurred next Sarah could never have imagined. He squared his gaze again away from the woman, although he remained standing close to her. Out from behind her back, with her left hand, the woman brought forth a small hacksaw. She extended her right arm straight out in front of her and with a slow, precise motion began sawing her arm directly above her elbow in the center of her forearm. Sarah watched in helpless horror at the act unfolding in her presence. The dream woman cut consistently, with no hesitation, the back and forth movements of the thin blade were methodical and deliberate. No grimace of pain, no tears, but calm steady breathing came from the woman as she continued her Master’s orders. He stood stoic, next to her, never moving and never looking in her direction.
    She only ceased when her arm slowly began to bend and then hang at a sickening angle. Oddly, no blood poured from the gaping wound. She could not continue sawing because her biological mechanics no longer supported her arm.”

    We seem to live in the same dimension!

  7. My latest had me running from the top half of a ghost wielding a scimitar and chopping people in half diagonally across their torsos. My analyst says this means I’m afraid of change. Go figure.

    I’ve heard once that Stephen King writes his nightmares. If that’s true, I’m really sorry for him. No wonder he sleeps with the bathroom light on!

  8. Mahalia – you’re so good at what you do, you choreograph the dreams twists and turns!!! Lately, I’ve been having dreams of conflict where I just can’t seem to find my way. I need to sprinkle any future
    dreams with your hunks. I’ll for sure wake up with a smile on my face!!!

  9. Ok, that is some weird dream…I’ve had some weird dreams too. I would wake up and think omg what the hell was that all about?

  10. Ok, gotta share, since it’s Friday (for me) and I’m toasted. I had a dream that followed my writing interest:

    I was touring a midieval castle with my husband. It was after hours, odd to me because I’ve toured many German landmarks, and all close at or before dusk. There was a group of us. We were divided in half, and my husband was in the “losing” half.

    The rest of the tour group, mostly women, were ushered into an open space, like a medievol ballroom. We were met by a group of vampires who assessed each of us before deciding upon their marks. I was selected by a black vampire with a bald head. He led me away, and I knew I was about to die. I wondered about my husband.

    The bald vampire brought me over, and then took me out to see the visitors. I saw my husband, the love of my life, being led out the entrance without memory of my being there. I started running to him, but the vampire who turned me held me back.

    “He won’t want you now,” my master said close to my ear. I watched my soulmate walk away, and woke with tearsl in my eyes.

  11. I tend to meet the people I have dreamed about or find myself in the situations I have dreamed about.

    I had a dream once about a grea-looking guy in a cowboy hat who said he was going to “take me away from all this.” I ended up meeting the guy in the cowboy hat and fell for him, but he left me with more of a mess than he took away.

    I once had a dream about a dog trapped in a car. A few days later I saw this same dog trapped in a car on a very hot day–it was about 100 degrees. I had only a ten minute parking spot and I couldn’t find the owner, so I ended up putting a note on the car telling the owner not to leave his dog like that. I never knew what happened to it.

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