Tell Me No Lies Blog Tour


*Giveaway hosted at each blog stop!*

March 14th – Review with Chick Lit = The New Black

March 15th – Review with Romancing The Darkside

March 16th- Review with Sweeping Me

March 18th – Review with Wicked Readings

March 21st – Review with Kaitlin Michelle

March 22nd- Review with Mama Kitty

March 23rd – Excerpt with Mama Kitty


Dancing isn’t easy. Four nights a week Caileigh disappears into the persona of ‘Autumn’ to make a decent buck. The foster care system didn’t prepare her for what happens after turning twenty-one. Armed with only a high school diploma and forty bucks, she’s thrust on the hard cold streets, where she takes the only job a young girl with no prospects can get. Selling small pieces of herself to strangers isn’t the life she wishes for. Deep down she aches for a better life.

A scant piece of paper gives Orias the name of a seedy business and a photograph to keep vigil over his newest target. To find such beauty among the dredges of society wrecks every ounce of intelligence he possesses. For once, despite his being fallen, Orias thinks to disobey a direct order—never touch the protected. The way she moves on stage entrances him, but the sadness hidden underneath a facade of sexual promise makes him want to battle all her demons. Underneath his dark soul, he craves her light and the warmth of love. Will Fate allow them a life together?

Check Back! I’ll be posting the additional links each blog date! Hope to see you there 🙂


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  1. so excited for your tour – big congrats!!!

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