Color Your Hero Sexy


Men. We can’t live with them or without them. It’s a hard balancing act. I’ve been putting some thought into what makes a man sexy?

* Eyes- I’m a goner for an exotic eye color. Such as gold but not amber or tigers eye color gold. No I’m for the gold that looks like warm honey. I saw an Mideastern gentleman with the color of warm honey and had to make myself look away. They were that magnetizing. Eyes you could get lost in type of mesmerizing and the DH was standing next to me. Awwwkward.

*Smile- A perfect smile with perfect even teeth? I love a crooked smile almost one that rises up more on one side. Teeth are a big thing with me but they don’t have to be orthodontic perfection. I like bright whites but damned if I didn’t watch Warrior and fall for the younger troubled brother who looked totally gruff whose grill wasn’t 100% perfect.

*Hair- Short, long, bald. Give me them all. On the right man all are super sexy.

*Body Structure

Stocky- I love some muscle-bound males.

Lean- But lord some talk drinks of water can totally catch my eye.

*Tattoos and piercings Hell yes all of that!

*Accent- Australian, English, Dutch, All the Latin’s, add in good ole Texan, or the curt way a Easterner can command others. Accents can make or break me depending on the rest of the package 🙂

*Scars- On the face, torso or neck can give me chills but not take away the beauty of a man who thinks he’s hideous. I love scars, the character, the story that comes with how whatever experience cultivates the man who wears them well. They can be a slash in an eye brow, a gash across the eye, cheek, neck.

*Personality Charming, Broodish, Self assured, In Control, Out of Control, Passionate, Demanding, Exacting. The list goes on. I love a strong man. At the same time I love a raw vulnerable male who isn’t afraid to ask for help and might even shed a tear, losing a man card and all.

What I enjoy most is the mixture of all of these above areas I love that create a memorable hero. How do you color your heroes?  Do you aim for the cover of GQ Model pics or do you take a walk on the wild side and take a gamble with a male you normally wouldn’t consider all that only to find out he was so much more than you’d imagined from a biased first glance? I’m all ears so share!



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  1. Ahh, dark hair does it for me, and chocolate eyes…hang on that’s my hubby to a T. But for my stories? Well it needs to be muscular and hairless. And I really like a tat-free man. All that sexy uncovered skin….yummy.

    Not to concerned about accents because I don’t care where he comes from as long as he is strong willed, moral and prepared to take a chance on me? Yeah that is my fave.

    Oh and I like them in suits, out of suits…don’t care what kind of suits…they just have to have one…or more…. 🙂

  2. Definitely love men in uniform! I’m an arm & hand girl, myself. Good, solid muscle on the arms and long, lean fingers.

  3. Dark hair and crystal blue eyes. Just enough chest hair to run my fingers through on a firm chest. I’m not into tatts either, though a pierced ear will turn me on. An English or Irish accent will do it for me. And not super tall–hubs is over 6’6″ and it makes for awkward dancing. LOL 6’3″ is probably ideal! LOL Someone posted a pic on a facebook group this morning of this guy I just described! YUM!

  4. I’m a shoulders girl – that’s what made me zoom on my hubby the first time I saw him 🙂

    Large build as well, with strong arms. Other than than, anything goes… Oh, except pasty-white skin. I totally don’t dig the vampire pallour 🙂

    And not completely hairless either!

  5. It’s the eyes. They can capture, beguile, tease and seduce, all at the same time. My husbands are the exact color and sparkle of aquamarine, a sparkling, clear blue. After 30 years, I still can’t help but gaze.

  6. I’m very much the same as Zee. Prefer a large build, wide across the chest/back.

    But long hair on a guy doesn’t do anything for me.

  7. it’s a toss up, as long as they are tall…I like ’em blonde haired, blue eyed like my beloved Hans the lederhosen wearing Muse AND with coal black hair and deep mocha peepers. Strong, broad shoulders, without the “slick chest over groomed” look on his torso. A German/Eruo accent (Turkish works too) is my #1 followed quickly by Soft Georgia Southern Gentleman.

  8. Jennifer Lowery~Author

    Dark hair, broad shoulders and masculine hands. Don’t know why but I love a man’s hands and forearms.
    Great post!

  9. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    What I’m a sucker for more than anything else is a bad boy who is good to his lady.

  10. I just love a man in uniform.
    But what gets me is his voice. My husband has one of those voices. No accent, but one of those deep voices that go right through you. I told him to stop calling me at work, because number one, it made me want to rip my panties off and was not condusive to getting anything done. And two, I found out the chicks in the office liked talking to him on the phone as much as I do.

  11. LOL! Hales, I think that while the whole external package can be either appealing or not at first glance, what pulls it all together for me is the guy’s brain and heart–if he’s smart and kind and generous, that makes the whole rest of him that much more appealing. But I do admit I’m a little partial to the whole tall, dark, and handsome, with a lovely Australian or Scottish accent… 😉

    • Ha! love it Fed 😛 My friends have a british/scottish cockney accent? A mix of slang and what not. I love listening to them talk it’s very entertaining. I love me some Highlander brouge *sighs*

      • He could just read me the phone book or dictionary and I’d be all ears. Hey even an old textbook would do… 😉

  12. He is definitely yummy!!! I don’t take people at face value. You can be the most gorgeous person in the world and also be the biggest ass. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy looking at them! 😉

    • He is! I totally can’t wait for the movie with Reece Witherspoon him and Chris Kline to come out on Valentines Day! He was great in Warrior too.

      And I totally agree. I’ve met lots of sexy assholes lol. I don’t have shame for still drooling 😛 I think that’s what drives me to make well rounded sexy characters not based soley on picture perfection

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