Viva Las Vegas!

The Dh and I arrived in Vegas on Wed afternoon. We relaxed and headed down to The Freemont Experience!

The Cover Bands were Cool! We took the double decker bus “The Duece” and walked around for a few hours. We fond a nice hole in the wall grill and ate the most fabulous burgers and fries. Freemont Street reminded me of a little Time Square with all the individuals there performing for a buck.

The Contortionist. I loved the makeup.

In the Morning We Headed to Hoover Dam and took a short tour with a new acquaintance!

The white is where the water level is normally. I’m touching a wall of stone 573 feet down inside the Dam. The Engineering it took to make this dam during the Great Depression is phenom! Only if you’re into info like me!

I got to take a pic with these lovely lady performers of the Motown Hitsville Show held in Planet Hollywood Theater! I loved hearing them and the males do all the greats of Motown. The show was fantastic!

Petting The Sting Ray was fun. Sort of rubbery slimy!

Sharks Above Me—— Sharks Below Me. The Aquarium in Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casion is huge. The shark tank has a tunnel where you’re only surrounded by pexiglass or whatever the see through tank is made of!

You either think of Sponge Bob SquarePants getting stung or the Movie Sphere with the alien JellyFishes. They were frickin huge!

My Theory is that A Sting Ray and Shark mated to form the Shark Ray. Freaky Looking Right?

Conf Time! I’m not putting in a bunch of Conf Pics! They’re all on my facebook the above pics are not!

I had a blast at the Flamingo Hotel with EAA. D.L. King and Kathleen Braeden and Nan Anderson did a fantastic job. I met so many wonderful people in person that I didn’t know at all and a host of friends I’ve talked to on line for years. There is def a plus to putting a face with names 😛

Stan has fabulous Hair. I enjoyed his color as much as everyone playing with my hair!

My wonderful table of People at the Cocktail Party!

Hehe Nick and I had on matching clothes! I think that’s Nick at least could be wrong 😛

The Bad Boy of Romance

It was lovely Meeting Margie!

Decadent Authors and Publisher

A few Extasy Authors and Publisher!

Extasy Read! I Read Matters of the Heart for 10 Min

Read Makhi for Liquid Silver Books and Burn Me if You Can for Decadent- Total 14 minutes.

It was great since I was worried about reading to fast or too slow 🙂

I really enjoyed my first Con and meeting so many people! The breakfast food was great and the staff of the hotel were fantastic. I went to the Editors Panel, The Paranormal Panel and the Taboo Panel. Two days was so not enough time to hang out with everyone but I’m glad for the fresh contacts I made as well as current ones!


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  1. The text matched everything fine until I went to post grrr.

  2. Nice pictures, Hales:) It was great visiting with you!

  3. Looks like you had a great time!!!

  4. Looks like ya’ll had fun! I love Freemont Street. Sounds like your burger and fries place was the same as the one with the 99 cent cup of shrimp.
    Ah well. It was a choice between Vegas and a new laptop. Maybe next year.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. So jealous! I’m glad you had the chance to do some of the touristy things, and I can’t believe how low the water level is! Cripes, how much longer will that river be able to keep up with demand?

  6. It was so much fun, you really did a lot! I’m impressed. We love Fremont St too, and took Val and hubs down there.

  7. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Let’s have it on the East coast next year! Orlando!

  8. I enjoyed meeting you and hearing you read. Definitely need to do this again! 🙂

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