The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of

We discuss a lot how we come up with heroes and what makes that male such a crucial part of the story. Sometimes we run into males who exude that effortless humility that make us blink and re-evaluate our first impressions.

I met one tonight while out celebrating three days of feeling really good and breaking in my new fabulous heels for the Erotic Authors Association at the Flamingo Hotel on the Vegas Strip Sept 9-10th. My best girlfriend and I chilled out and danced a bit, her more than I since I’m really not supposed to be walking a lot. I am non compliant lol. While we were relaxing and meeting others, and new potential readers….I kept seeing this man come in and his presence alerted my stare-stalker’… you know not really stalkin’ but sometimes someone catches your attention and you happen t o notice if they are in the vicinity. I have that affliction bad 😛 I When he ‘Spider’ as he calls himself came up to the DJ booth to talk to the DJ  I in my normal ‘Hales’ Charm blurted out that I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

First Impression was he’s a nice looking man. I wasn’t prepared for what came out of his mouth followed by a sincere grin. “Who me? I ain’t nothin’ to look at’ close to what he said  if not word for word. Slack Jaw but with my mouth closed since I’m a lady. I simply asked for him to take a picture for my site. He asked what kind of site it was and I said um facebook or my site I’m an author. So I stood next to him and he said “If we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this right.”

Total Alpha hero moment. Because he has some nice guns and had me tucked right under him for the cheezy moment. I found his modesty refreshing. There’s not enough of that left now a days.

What is the definition of a hero. I’ve often chatted with readers and such and for Makhi’s release we had a great talk about why paranormal is such a great genre.

Today I want to know. What do you do when you run into a local man with the qualities of a great hero in a story?

I know how I think but I can’t tell you cause it’s too easy!

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I will be giving away more swag after I return from Vegas. Make sure you comment to get on some of mine and who knows what goodies I’ll be bringing back.


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  1. Hi, Mahalia!
    Great post. I think what defines a hero is more what he DOESN’T do than what he DOES. Heroes don’t always have to fly into the burning building and smash everyone to safety. Sometimes, the quiet guy who’s just trying to feed his family working two jobs can be even more of a hero. Ditto anyone who wears a uniform whose first and only meaning is to keep us safe.
    What do I do when I meet a guy like that? I offer to buy ’em a round, if I can. If not, the least I can do is shake their hand and thank them for doing what they do. Heroism’s a noble calling, but doesn’t pay the bills. A thank-you is often worth more than money to people who are like that.

  2. Thanks J.S I think sometimes we get so caught up in the super man image we forget about other great qualites that make men stand out among other men.

  3. First, glad the tests on your heart went well. Some of the tests are so cool to watch. Glad your feeling great!
    Next, it is so rare to meet someone who is awesome but doesn’t seem to know it. You should try to work him into a story.
    Finally, I love swag! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Jen,
      LOL. I love Swag Too! Thanks for the comments on my heart. Yeah I was totally in awe of the process while others were totally freaked out for me. I told them well…I figure if something goes wrong, I’m in the best place for it to. Right. They were sweet.

      About the local hottie of the month. Yeah I def see him worked into a story maybe even with his streetname Spider. Who knows. He had killer smile and a aura. Even at the end of the night. When we tried to leave and were blocked in. I wrote down the license plate and when I went to the club door and the line to get in was insane and near closing, I handed him the paper and snuck him a personalized pen (grins). He took care of it. I didn’t even realize the people had come out. I’m guessing out the back to move thier car, not even five min.

  4. I prefer modest heroes, like the guy you met, guys who just naturally draw the eye, not only because of their looks, but also their presence. Enjoy your time in Vegas!

  5. Verrry nice Hales. He even reminds me of Makhi. I’m married so I can’t just come on to any man. But if I know his profession I might ask questions about it if it fits with anything I’m writing, have written, or might consider writing. I took on the National Guard while visiting in Oregon just to see the boats and meet the men- for professional reasons! Geesh!

  6. drool alot lol .

  7. Hey Hales, I don’t get out much. Working multiple jobs leaves very little time to go anywhere! Husband and I like to shoot pool at the local biker bar, and there are always some interesting-looking men there, but I don’t like husband to ogle, so I don’t either.

    The guy in your picture is hot, even if he doesn’t think so…most men either don’t think they are hot, because they aren’t attracted to men so don’t have any idea what is hot; or they think they’re “all that and a pb sandwich”, and they’re fat and ugly! ;-D

    Do you bring a camera with you everywhere? How did you get his picture? I’d have just tucked the image of the cute man in my mind for later use as a hero.

    And you take care, girl! That heart of yours is bursting with love for life and those in yours, but you need to take care of it so it lasts long enough for you to learn how to “dandle” grandbabies…I don’t have any yet either, but someday I hope to learn what the hell that means!

    • I love biker bars! LOL it’s all in the wording. I say appraising and the DH is alright with that. I’ve always had more male friends than female ones but I know where to tow the line or the Dom in him takes away all my fun 😛

      I like modest men. I’m always looking for a new trait that I haven’t seen for awhile for my heroes. It’s nice to get to see it in person with a stranger and he was a great sport for posing with me. LOL. Tuck away and use it, that’s illegal. Could you imagine him seeing himself on a cover ack! Now if he chose to go to a local photographer for some stock photo images I’d buy them

      My heart is great. For now knock on wood. It’s not unhealthy i just have a misfiring nerve that’s above the heart not in it. It makes my pulse reroute itself via alternate pathways. I have a diff pill that works good now. The study was needed to see if I had a different mode of transport.

      LOL Dont mention grandkids yet they’re still in highschool.

  8. HEY MAH,


  9. I would say they are the strong silent type. They just exude awesomeness 🙂


  10. Back from Vegas!

    Thanks for participating. The winner is psigirl74(at)

  11. What a great photo, Hales! Glad you had a good trip, and what a lovely person to meet!

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