Happy 4th of July

I’m over at Sweet N Sexy Diva’s with my 4th Blogpost. Wanted to drop in and invite you all to their site! I’ll be giving away a copy of my Military Romance Novella Embrace The Moment inspired by Avenged Sevenfold’s Hit Seize the Day

Link to Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA8m0i67O_c&playnext=1&list=PL736D0093FB2B1A2E



“Nelson, keep the light on Acer, don’t lose him,” Lark hollered.

“I got him, ma’am,” Nelson yelled, and looked at McCall. “Keep an eye on the two fishermen. They’re not too far from the Master Chief now. Get ready to deploy the basket.”

“He’s got them! Lower the basket. We’ll have two more on the way soon.” Lark acknowledged the information while seeing to the needs of the fishermen on board. Haverty was maintaining the controls while the Dolphin hovered above. The navigational system designed to allow the pilot and co-pilot to work hands on with the team, even in turbulent, inclement weather and surrounding darkness.

“Master Chief is in control. He has the last two targets and is sending one up now,” Deavers said. Lark finished prelim exams of the fishermen, then assisted getting the lone man out of the straps. When he collapsed on the floor, coughing up a mouthful of seawater, she was right there to take care of him and check his vitals. She covered his body with two blankets and looked over to see McCall drop the basket again.

 “Last man up.” Lark helped Deavers pull in the basket, missing the signs of lightning until it drew near to the craft.

 “Get them in,” Lark yelled and bee lined for the pilot seat. “That lightning was too damn close for comfort.” She looked back to see the top of Acer’s head and the last fisherman being let in. A turbulent pouch of air accompanied by lightning striking the rotor had her scrambling to check electrical systems. “Engine two is out.” The Dolphin pitched and knocked the occupants around. “Get them in and close the door.”

“We’re trying, ma’am,” Deavers responded

“Don’t try, do—” she ordered as she brought the Dolphin back under control.

McCall grabbed the fisherman and yanked him roughly in. “I’ll get him strapped.”

 “Hold on, Master Chief,” Nelson shouted out as the chopper pitched once more and began to buzz, warning lights flashed causing him to lift his attention to the lieutenant.

Lark listened to Nelson, whose voice was so high pitched it squalled as he reported, “T-The Master Chief is g-gone. He was on the winch. I went to grab him and he was sucked out and saw his b-body slam. When I leaned over he was no longer there, freefalling into the water. Lieutenant, we’ve lost visibility.”

 “Where is he?” Lark screamed. “God, no—” Her heart lurched as the crew reported he’d fallen into the abysmal darkness. “Put the light on. Find him.” She punched buttons and looked at what her gauges were telling her. One engine meant no time. No time to search for and retrieve him. Immediately her brain took over against her heart’s demands. “Wait. Drop the raft then close the door,” she ordered.

“Goddamn it. No. Give us ten minutes to find him. Wait ten Goddamn minutes. We never leave a man behind,” McCall screamed.

“Close the door. That’s an order.” She knew if the door wasn’t closed and another bolt hit them, they’d all die. She hated the command, but what choice did she have. She pushed back the guilt and reminded herself of her job. But it couldn’t stop the scream of denial from lodging in her throat. Never before did she think she’d be placed in the position to leave one man behind, certainly not the man she was in love with. Her body clamored with the need to jump into the water with him. She bit back tears, keeping the hitch out of her voice.

Lark looked at them with a serious expression. “Have you forgotten our reason for coming? The targets are our reason. Getting them to safety is our purpose. Now close the Goddamn door. I order you.”

“Yes, ma’am.” McCall glared mutinously. He took one more look into the dark waters and tossed out the emergency inflatable raft, then turned his dark scowl on her and closed the hatch.

Now for Sweet N Sexy Diva’s Blogspot! Please do leave a comment on their site with your email address and follow their blog. I’ll add addtional chances for those who follow both. We’re also doing Xmas In July There. The blog for XMas in July is here on my blog, make sure you search for it as well and follow instructions for chances to win!

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