Going Nuts… Writing from 1st Person to 3rd.

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I swear I’m going round the bend.
So I’m happily writing along, right? New story, new lead character, I even have a vague idea of what I’m doing with him.
I go back to read over what I’ve written and –rolling my eyes- reach for the delete button. Oh not for all of it, just….
The last two stories I wrote were both first person. Getting the picture?
This newest one’s back to third person which is my usual POV.
Well it was supposed to be…No, it’s going to be damn it because there’s more than the ‘hero’ involved and the others need their say in things too.  
Tell that to the ‘hero’.
This is what I had at one point:
* * * *
“Reed, you weren’t hoping, you were lazy. It was easier for you stay in the situation than get up the energy to find a new place and maybe someone who’d respect you for what you are, not for where they can stick their dick.”
“Lovely description,” Reed told her with a small laugh.
“True though, isn’t it?” Faith rested her elbows on the table and stared at him.
“Yes my dear girl, it’s true.”
“So now what are you going to do?”
“Other than work?” I shrugged. “Look for a place for starters, and before you say anything I am not moving in here, even for a week. Push comes to shove I’ll stay in the studio.”
Faith tapped her lips. “Why push to shove, why not just do it? With a bit of rearrangement it’d be possible.”
I leaned back, hands behind my head and considered the idea. “I suppose…”
“No supposing. It’s yours, small as it is, so there’d be no rent to pay. Dickhead wouldn’t be caught near the place and you know it.”
“Even if he would, so what? It’s over, done, finito.” Reed nodded slowly. “With some work…”
* * * *
See……Damned ‘hero’ is egotistical. He wants it to be all about him.
I shall overcome…
It will be third person POV if I have to beat him into submission.
So, back to what I was doing… -getting out the whip just in case I need to use it-
And here’s a look at my new cover!
Blurb:  ‘Siblings’ Emile and Peter, with the help of two allies, must fight to remain safe from whoever is responsible for the disappearance and possible death of their mentor. In the process they find love despite the lies and misunderstandings that surround them.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me here, Hales. You’re a doll. – E.

  2. I have been switching for a while but most are written in 3rd. It really depends on the story!

  3. I’m so feeling like Edward is in my head… I do this all the time, needless to say ‘find and replace’ has become my favorite tool in my doc editor. I think it is because I am the ‘egotistical’ one though… or perhaps I’m arrogant…lol. Thanks Hales!

  4. I’ve heard various people say they’re not thrilled to read a book in “First Person”, but I don’t see the problem. It’s fine…as long as the story is good.

  5. I agree Sharita and Ann. I think it really depends on the story. Some just call out to be 1st person, most others work better in 3rd.

    Yeah, Nevea, find/replace is a total must!


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