The super sweet Jude Mason visits with me about her newest release Amber’s Toy!


Before we get to the excerpt and all that, I’d like to thank Mahalia for offering to do a little promoting on her blog for me. Thanks so much!

Some of you might have seen me around, I’m Jude Mason, author of all things naughty and extremely pleased to have a few books published. This is my first with eXtasy, but it definitely won’t be my last. Tina, the owner, is wonderful and Jay, the head editor is extremely cool. Read and I hope you enjoy.



Amber’s Toy 

By Jude Mason

Publisher: eXtasy Books

ISBN: 978-1-55487-847-5

Genre: m/f, femdom, BDSM




There’s a saying about a woman being scorned, a saying Amber is about to explore in great detail with Tony Jeffers.



Chapter One


“Come on, ya sissy, down it. All of it,” slurred Amber. She sprawled across the bar, one arm extended along it to keep her from falling face first onto the lap of the drunk in front of her. Her skirt was too tight, her blouse too revealing, but to her, success was more important than decency at that moment. She knew he wouldn’t recognize her. He couldn’t and still be with her. Over the past few months, she’d lost a good deal of weight, and her hair was now its natural black where it had been nearly blonde. Her nose was smaller and her eyes were now blue whereas before her extended travels they’d been brown. No, he’d never recognize her. Besides, he’d never really looked at his many conquests; he just used them before moving on to the next.

She eyed the man, silently urging him to down the amber drink in his highball glass. The dull gray parasite curled around the single ice cube, waiting to warm up and do its job. Tony Jeffers peered at her, his handsome face flushed, his deep brown eyes unfocused. He smiled a lopsided grin that brought back a flood of memories of that night and made her stomach lurch.

He’d spilled half of his last bourbon down the front of his shirt. It pooled in the crotch of his jeans. In the dim lighting of the bar, she could barely see the dark patch. A well-liquored stick, she giggled and raised her own half-empty glass before downing it.

Come on, you bastard, she thought and slumped towards him, her hand inadvertently landing on his damp crotch. She wanted to tighten her fingers, to see if she could make him scream, but she held off. He’d pay soon enough.

Tony groaned and lifted his glass. Peering into it, he slurred, “Just a lil aphrodike, right?”

“Yeah, a little something I brought back from South America.” She watched closely, her drunken act forgotten for the moment. The glass rose to his lips and, as only an inebriated man could, he carefully tilted the glass and downed the liquid to the last drop. He belched loudly and slammed the empty glass on the bar upside down. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he mumbled, “’Scuse me.”

Amber was elated.



*Jude Mason – Readers needed: come, explore with me…if you dare*


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  1. I enjoy you coming to share your blurb and excerpt with me!

  2. Good ole Amber exploring life with a sissy, oooh lala! I love it!

    • Mick,

      Hey mister, thanks so much for dropping in to say hey. Ya know, I’m not surprised you’d like this one at all. Amber would just eat you alive, and you’d love every second of it. LOL


  3. The blurb sounds interesting….

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