Introverts, Vampires, And Passion, Oh My! ~Virna DePaul~

Introverts, Vampires, And Passion, Oh My!

Did you know an introvert can be shy but isn’t necessarily so? An introvert is a person energized by being alone; someone whose energy is drained by being around other people.  Still, introverts can often be very social and gregarious.  

A vampire, on the other hand, is a creature that makes a great bad boy but isn’t necessarily bad.  A vampire is energized by drinking blood, but his energy can be drained by the sun, garlic, holy water, crucifixes, and a variety of other mundane objects.  Vampires are generally powerful and immortal.

I’m definitely an introvert.  And yes, I can be shy, but not when it comes to writing mouth-watering heroes.  I love them to be conflicted, complex, and intensely passionate.  I especially love vampires!

Here are my top ten reasons a vampire makes such an awesome hero:

10.       Compared to him, you’ll always look tan.

9.         He leaves you alone during the day and saves his best moves for night.

8.         You don’t have to worry about garlic breath when he kisses you.

7.         He wants a woman he can love forever.

6.         You never have to share the mirror with him.

5.         He loves to neck.

4.         His family will never show up uninvited.

3.         When it comes to penetrating a woman, he’s had years of practice.

2.         He won’t hog the bed or the covers.

1.         He sucks in a really good way.

Okay, so now that I’ve established why vampires are so cool, let me introduce you to an especially great one: my hero in Chosen By Blood, Book 1 in the Para-Ops Novels, which RT Magazine describes as “seriously sensual.” Knox Devereaux is a combination of primal, bad boy hotness, old-world charm, and unflagging integrity.  He’s all about doing what’s right and honorable, but this trait often butts heads with his passionate nature and primal needs.  Of course, his greatest need is for the human female he’s forbidden to love.  Getting him to finally surrender to his own desires was a whole lot of fun!

To give you a little preview, here’s a blurb and excerpt from Chosen By Blood.  I hope you enjoy it!!  Comment and you can win a Para-Ops tote filled with a mug, chocolate, a pair of sunglasses, and my ebook, A Vampire’s Salvation, which Mahalia calls “one fantastic read.”  Thanks so much for having me here, Mahalia!!


United by fate. Bound by desire.

Five years after the Second Civil War ends, humans and Otherborn— humanlike creatures with superhuman DNA—still struggle for peace. To ensure the continued rights of both, the FBI forms a Para-Ops team with a unique set of skills.

Leader of an Otherborn clan, half-breed vampire Knox Devereaux would do anything to find a cure for the anti-vamp vaccine slowly starving his people into extinction. When the FBI contacts him about leading a team of hand-selected Others on a mission to reclaim the stolen antidote, Knox accepts. His new assignment places him in direct contact with Special Agent Felicia Locke, the beautiful human he’s craved since their very first meeting.


They arrived in Quantico within the hour. While O’Flare and Wraith holed up together, hopefully to decipher the addresses from O’Flare’s vision, Felicia locked herself in her room. She was so pissed that if she didn’t, she was sure she’d come


Was it true? Did Knox really think she was helping Mahone to play him? After their history? Her history with his family? After what they’d become to each other?

            “And what exactly is that, Felicia?”

            She shrieked and whirled to face Knox. “You—you . . .” Cocking her arm back, she punched him in the face with all her might. He didn’t even try to deflect the blow, so his head snapped back. But just barely.

            “Don’t sneak into my room again,” she ordered, “and don’t sneak into my mind, damn it.”

            Knox touched the corner of his mouth, then wiggled his jaw. “I plead to the first but not the second,” he countered. “You were muttering to yourself.”

            “I was not . . .” she began, but then paused. Had she . . . Okay, so maybe she had been. It didn’t justify his little surprise drop-ins. She turned her back on him and rubbed her knuckles,  more for something to do than because she’d hurt herself on his thick, dense skull.

            “Again, I’m hearing your thoughts loud and clear with absolutely no effort on my part.” As he spoke, Knox tugged her around and took her hand. After a brief game of tug-of-war, he lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed the knuckles she’d been rubbing.

            She’d just started to melt before she remembered she was pissed at him. She snatched her hand away. “Don’t. You might get dirty. After all, I’m a traitor, right?”

            “I never said that.”

            “Yes, you—”

            “No,” Knox insisted loudly, his voice practically booming to be heard over hers. “I didn’t. I said you didn’t have to list all the evidence that might lead someone to jump to that conclusion.”

            “Someone, meaning you?”

            “Of course not.”

            At his calm words, which she knew had to be the truth, she hesitated. “Then what—”

            “I don’t believe it, but if we don’t end up finding the antidote, there are those who might latch on to that explanation out of fear. Desperation. Prejudice. Who knows?”

            “Those? Those who? Your mother would never . . .” Realization formed. “Ah. You mean the Vamp Council.”

            His face was grim when he answered. “It’s a possibility.”

            “And that would be pretty bad for you, right? Because it would be hard to have your piece of ass on the side—that’s assuming I’d ever agree to such a position, which I wouldn’t—if the Council thought she was a threat to your clan.”

            His brow furrowed and he shook his head. “You just love to push me, don’t you?”

            She scowled. “I don’t have to push you. Everything that pushes you is already there. It exists just by virtue of who we are. What I am.”

            “I thought we settled this the other night. What you are is mine.”

            With a casual flick of his fingers, he undid the top button to his shirt. Then the next. Then the next. Until the broad planes of his chest peeked out from between the swiftly parting fabric.

            Outrage, as well as the warm, slippery slide of desire, flowed through her. “What do you think you’re doing?”

            He raised a brow. “Undressing. You might want to do the same if you want those clothes to remain intact.”

            “You’re crazy.”

            His fingers froze and he narrowed his eyes at her. “You’re right. I am crazy. Crazy for you. Insane for you. Absolutely freaking nuts over you. Now come here.”

She was looking at him as if she believed every word he’d just said.

            As if she truly did believe he’d gone insane.

            That was okay, Knox told himself. He didn’t just feel as crazy as he’d said.

            He felt crazy enough to like it.

            Something about seeing those scientists, their blood staining their bodies, had disturbed him, and it wasn’t because they couldn’t tell them anything about the


            It had everything to do with Felicia, and the reminder that just as those scientists were mortals who could be cut down with the flick of a knife, so was Felicia.

            That was what was insane. That for the very first time, her mortality was a huge, looming presence between them.

            And it scared the shit out of him.

            He didn’t know how to deal with it rationally.

            All he knew was that he needed her. Right now.

            Eyes on her the whole time, he finished undressing. When he straightened, he luxuriated in the way her hungry gaze swept over him, her appreciation apparent in every lingering look. She lingered particularly long on his cock, which twitched with eagerness.

            “Undress for me, Felicia. Please.”

            He wasn’t using his powers against her, but when she moved, she moved slowly. Almost as if she was drugged or hypnotized by her desire for him. That made him feel good. It made him feel so fucking powerful that he wanted to throw back his head and

roar out his love for her.

            Mine, he thought again. Forever.

            When she was naked and standing in front of him, he bent down and kissed her. Just kissed her. Without touching her with his hands or his body, he brushed his lips against her, using the lightest of touches and the tenderest of strokes to prepare her

for the storm to come.

            He was going to use everything he’d ever learned about women to pleasure Felicia, but his goal was more than physical. He wanted to get so deep inside her that he would touch her soul and make her realize that, despite everything, their difficult

circumstances, her mistrust, his inability to give her all she wanted, he loved her.

Good, bad, it didn’t matter.

She was his.

 Virna DePaul Bio:

Virna DePaul is a former criminal prosecutor whose debut mass market paranormal romantic suspense novel, Chosen By Blood (Book 1 in the Para-Ops series), comes out May 3, 2011 by Berkley Books but is available for pre-order now!  In addition, Virna writes contemporary romantic suspense for Silhouette Romantic Suspense and HQN.

Virna also writes erotic romance, including her popular “Red-Hot Cops” series, under the name Ava Meyers. You can find Virna’s books in bookstores and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other ebook retailers. Visit her at


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  1. I love having you Virna, welcome back!

  2. The cover is great. I love the colors and textures. The names of the hero and heroine are great. The excerpt sounds really good. I would love the chance to read it. I am always amazed when someone goes from being an attorney to a writer. I think it’s cool you followed your dreams.

    • So happy to be here, Mahalia! Jen, didn’t I luck out on that cover? I love it! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. It’s always tough to let go of something “secure” to pursue a passion, but I’m so glad I did. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I must admit that I’m not one to usually read a vamp story. But after reading your enticing excerpt, Virna, I do believe I’ve been “bitten” and will just have to purchase your book so I can sink my teeth into reading it! I’m so glad Mahalia had you on her blog. Happy Spring!

  4. Can I just say Oooh La-La!
    Nice to meet you Virna! Thanks Hales! This sounds like my kinda vamp! Sign me up.
    I love your top ten list. lol

    I know- not very verbal today. What can I say after just one cuppa joe? 😉

  5. Bethy Ann, How cool! Maybe I can convert you to liking vampire stories? I sure hope so! Thanks for stopping by!

    Calisa, Nice to meet you too! Glad you liked the top ten list! It was fun writing up. 😀 Enjoy that coffee!

  6. Hi Hales!! Hi Virna!! Great Top Ten list – I was laughing so hard =D I’m certain;y glad you decided to follow your passion, as I ADORE all your books/heroes!! (Well, the heroines are pretty righteous too LOL)
    Keep up the yummy work!! *hugs*

  7. Hi Bonnie! Thanks so much for dropping by! I know you’re an avid reader, so I take you liking my characters as a great compliment!!! I’m bummed I won’t be seeing you at RT!! 😦

  8. Hi Virna,

    I’ve had this book on pre-order since Jan! I can’t wait to read it!

  9. I am so excited to finally read your book! Bonnie has had nothing but good to say about it!

  10. THis sounds great!

    And I loved your top ten list!! LOL Especially #5!

  11. I absolutely love #7 of your Top Ten reasons a vampire makes an awesome hero. So so so romantic! And your cover? Yum.

  12. Hi Connie, Thank you SO much for pre-ordering. I hope you enjoy it! And Tara, I sweated bullets while Bonnie read it. So glad she (and hopefully you!) liked the story. Susan R., glad you found the top 10 list funny –it was fun! I even got my 10 year old involved. He helped me with the mirror line. 🙂 Susan H, thanks for stopping by! Glad you like # 7. Can’t wait to write with you at our retreat!

  13. I had the pleasure of reading CBB, and LOVED it! Knox is HAWT!

    Great characters, fab plot. Crazy good debut novel!

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