Word Weaving Crescendo’s into an Emotional Impact

Writing poetry, stories, novels, and lyrics are similar. I’m going to explain in a moment what I mean by adding in the crescendo’s and what I mean by my personal term of word-weaving. But First I want you to get the full EFFECT or a way to see how my zany brain works. Stop and take time to really listen to this video. But don’t just listen to the masterful lyrics.

Listen to the different instruments and how the song is synced to display a pulsating trend.

So hopefully you did stop to listen to the song. I know it’s like 9 min almost but who can put a time length on such a captivating song.

I termed my craft as word weaving. Much like a quilt is pieced together, or a loom creates breathtaking tapestries, I am to weave together a breathtaking story by using my unique voice and the way I see the visions of my stories playing out in my head. I do see them almost like videos or short movies being played.

Emotional Impact is very important to me because it gives credence or substance to what I’m writing. I don’t want to just write something halfway I want to dig in deep take characters deep or bring them up from the depths of despair.

If they haven’t loved I want them to learn how, if they’ve forgotten or are rusty I want them to climb back up on that horse and re learn.

Scene setting is important but what I see when I write or when I’m in the middle of some emotional ephiphany…is that…there are times when the unsaid actually says the most.

I don’t just write a feel good story. Because I believe that feel good is a huge falsity. I want my characters to have to work at it, even if it damn near kill them…so they can see how priceless they are once they achieve their personal best.

Not only because seeing them overcome obstacles to finding their partner no matter what sexual orientation, but because anything is possible. Maybe in one of my stories a reader might relate to the personality traits of one of my characters and apply it to how they can improve their choice in relationships or lovers. A lot of times we don’t realize we do something or react to a situation until someone points it out to us. So along with good communication or taking on the task of making the characters in my brain learn how to communicate, I’m not just doing it for a story, I’m hoping my words can help someone apply it in their own personal situation.

Back to my thoughts lol on Crescendo’s

How do you put in the unsaid? In writing?

Cues to body language, tension around and describing every characters reaction all from the main characters pov at that time.
You build it…just like the crescendo of a song it should be poignant, the reader’s heart should stutter and their eyes should tear up. But in the end when the moment has passed there should be a feel good moment to get them through to the next scene or if at the end of the story the HEA/HFN should be cemented in place.
(Happy Ever After/Happy For Now)

The reason why I chose I Won’t See You Tonight – One they’re my fav band but more importantly.
They do a fantastic job of weaving in all instruments into their rock genre. The blended instruments, mixed with the lyrics display a despair tone and then the trending begins in the instrumental sections, add in the back ground voices and the song entrances you. Maybe not you but me…. To a point where you’re not just hearing a song, but you’re seeing this man hurting because he has to leave the ones he loves and he’s worried that they’ll cry for him, there’s no happy ending for him, his chance is coming.
The pivotal part of the song is the ending. “No More Breath Inside, Essence Left My Heart Tonight”

Now here’s the skinny on this song. This passion, the belting of the last line.

Where are my Vampire/Paranormal Shifter AUTHORS AT?
Can you honestly tell me that in that instance you don’t picture your hero or heroine feeling the same way when their first change comes? Vampires who have no choice but have had choice taken from them? Can you feel the pain or despair they must’ve felt with just eight words? Aside from them promising their loved ones everything will be alright. You get that powerline of emotion and the rest of the song falls away and what you get is impact.

Musicians take from two minutes to eight or nine lol to cram all of their vision into a song without a music video. This song was too long to be made into a video, and it’s too long to play on regular radio.

We get up to 350 pages to create, we don’t do it with background instrumental…but when I write there is always background instrumental music playing in my head. Music of any genre depending on the scene.

That is how I roll! Weaving a crescendo is all about timing, layering, and the vision playing in your head. I strongly suggest if you don’t have those visions or the vision is murky. Pull on an outside influence. Search for songs that relate to the tone you’re trying to set, or pull on a memory that you might have, just make it real, tight and unforgettable.


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  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice! I do this with country music.

  3. What a fantastic post, Hales! It’s very thought provoking. This is something to save and read again.


  4. Great post. I love when an author can build on the moment and the characters’ emotions as everything leads to the final climactic ending. But it must be in a gradual, flawless crescendo, as you explained. Well done!

  5. Teresa Kleeman


    I can actually see the author sitting down writing like you describe it. I know with all the authors I have read. When I read there books it’s like a movie playing out in my mind.
    Maybe I’m wrong but I get the impression from you, when you write this is how it’s playing in your mind.
    It’s not you writing the story but your character saying no write me this way.

    This was a very interesting post.


    • Hey Teresa,

      Yeah it’s always them demanding I write them in a certain way….but as they’re screaming in my head at times it does take patience to get what they’re thowing at me out in the right manner 🙂 Thanks I thought it would be interesting lol.

      I have odd blog posts strike me out of nowhere 🙂

  6. I know you’re really into lyrics lately. Song titles can inspire and songs, in themselves, can tell a story. Loved your most interesting blog and video.

    • lol Sarah I’ve always loved lyrics 🙂 But I love art too and billboards and street signs. There are lots of inspiration aids available all around us, even weather or small agravating things in our daily lives

  7. Thanks Sarah hit send too soon!

  8. You have a way with words!

  9. It’s so true that the characters of a novel seem to insist on their own stories. I often have an outline in my mind of how I’d like the storyline to go, but soon the characters’ voices seem to take over. I sometimes feel that I wake up from a dream when I stop writing.

  10. Putting down emotion so others feel it is not easy. It takes a lot out of you to get the thing just perfect..

    Fantastic blog post…..

    • Thanks Savannah! I thought an apt description was to think of it as a crescendo in music for a full impact! It’s not and sometimes after a heavy scene I’m exhausted mentally

  11. Hales, what a wonderful post, and I can understand how the music from this band would help motivate you.

    Me on the other hand can’t write while music is on. I need quiet. I can listen to it before I start writing and get the feel I want.

    I like the band, too. I could even understand what they were saying. lol

  12. Very interesting post, Hales. Since most songs deal with romance/love, as do our books, there is a very strong connection. But I have to say I’m like Sandy, I can’t write while listening to music. And my kids stay up too late and make noise. I have to either outlast them, or try to steal moments during the day when they are in school/at work, or asleep.

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