Michael Mandrake and The True Meaning of Love

 Today I have Michael Mandrake over at my blog to share news on his book The True Meaning of Love and other works coming soon!



Here is a blurb and excerpt from my first book The True Meaning of Love.

Buy Link here – http://xoxopublishing.com/shop-online/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15&products_id=113

And here – http://www.9cloudsebookmarketingandpromotions.com/book-store.php

Book trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0DAfJlZzp8


Brandon McFerry and London Davies are a couple that has been together six years. After 

having an argument over the importance of Brandon’s event at his art gallery versus London’s

party at his club, London is involved in a serious car accident that makes him

temporarily incapacitated.


During his rehabilitation, Brandon and London will learn the true meaning of love thus bringing

them closer together.


Excerpt: Mature Audience


Christian panned the cam in the direction of Brandon who slowly trailed kisses from London’s lips, through the middle of his body on down to his hardened length. While Brandon showered London with his affections, London tugged on Brandon’s light tresses, gasping for air, wincing because his cock ached to be inside his lover.


“Ohh God…Brandon, when we do finally make love completely, you will not be able to walk,” he chuckled.


“Wow…” Christian said as he went on recording and Brandon repeated his traces with his tongue and mouth. When he arrived at the London’s hardened flesh, he swallowed it whole, making Christian raise an eyebrow, marveling at how easy Brandon took London in. “Shit…wow that looked fantastic on camera, Brandon…”


London closed his eyes, flinching a little, knowing that he was slightly uncomfortable because his groin was full. The doctor had warned him to not move much since the pins were still in place. “Ohhh, baby…shit…” he grabbed onto Brandon’s hair, pulling, trying to keep from shifting too much. As the liquids flowed from his cock, Brandon lay on him to keep him still so he wouldn’t jolt. “Fuck…Brandon…oooh,” only slightly he trembled, in pain but fully satisfied from the love his partner bestowed upon him. When he was done, London reached for Brandon to share a kiss, without hesitation, Brandon obliged.


“Wow… what a sight, damn that was hot…” Christian said pressing the stop button.


Brandon and London were still in a lengthy embrace while Christian observed.


“I love you,” they almost said in unison, both chuckling after the kiss. Brandon lay on London’s chest while Christian sat on the other side of London resting his head against the headboard.




Coming Soon!

A Preview Into My First Novel – African Sun

Hello, I’m Sharita Lira aka Michael Mandrake, Rawiya, Blmorticia. I’d like to thank Mahalia for giving me the opportunity to be at her blog today. What I’d like to present is something exclusive rather than do the same old excerpt, blurb, which sometimes works but I feel you would enjoy my posting more if I gave you a scoop.

Just a short bio on me, I only starting publishing last year. I’ve had several pieces accepted for publication in e-book and/or print, the latest of which is “Only When I Lose Myself” part of the My Sexy Valentine anthology. I prefer to write m/m but my first full length novel will be a series of four that is primarily hetero. The storyline does have a few gay characters in it, but the main players are heterosexual. Due to the novel being in contract status, I’m not able to tell you who’s publishing it yet or when it’s being released. I hope to have the first 2 books come out later this year.

The title is African Sun written by my gay pseudonym, Michael Mandrake. The book is an interracial contemporary erotica romance. Here’s the quick synopsis of book one:

The story takes place in Tanzania in the city of Dar Es Salaam where Doctor Nicholas Fairlight, the chief of staff at Bdnoego Medical Center is part of a worldwide scam that smuggles prescription drugs out of hospitals to sell them on the internet at a cheaper price. His close friend, potential lover, Matthew Davies, who is a lifetime hustler, runs several shady businesses that have been successfully undetected. Davies has coerced Nicholas to be part of the scandal in exchange for his affections.

Due to the risks involved in being caught, Davies head thugs Charlie Haddock and John De Angelo are asked by Matthew to go visit the various hospitals to “oversee” the operation as well as put pressure on those that don’t comply.  The henchmen are a couple that Matthew has worked with for years on various schemes and hustles spanning back ten years.

In their eyes, Nicholas isn’t getting the drugs to the holding house fast enough so the two men decide to pay Doctor Fairlight a visit. Through an act in the main lobby of the hospital, they manage to get to the physician, threatening him to work faster so they can get their payday.

The main heroine, Sakina Wajbutu is a volunteer who has observed Nicholas doing counts in the facility’s drug closet. She hopes to become a nurse someday, but is hampered by taking care of her sickly mother, Dakora. Nurse Rhoda Maire, a Peace Corps worker that has romantic feelings for the plagued doctor, is good friends with Sakina. Due to Rhoda’s affection for Nicholas, Sakina doesn’t feel comfortable confessing what she has seen to the hospital’s head RN. All at Bdnoego are unaware of the scheme and even though both are suspicious, Dr. Fairlight woos them in different ways to make them forget about his presence in these areas.

While this is going on in Tanzania, Doctor Alexander Carthington, who is also a Peace Corps volunteer and a protégé to Nicholas Fairlight is preparing to join his mentor to assist in relieving the staff shortage at the hospital as well as take the opportunity to see the African country he has long dreamt about visiting. When he arrives, he and Sakina become fast friends because both of them are kindhearted, peaceful individuals who love to help when needed.

During the story, the young twosome are basically unaware of what goes on around them and because of Doctor Fairlight’s desire to please the man that he admires, he subsequently endangers the lives of Sakina, Alexander, Rhoda, and himself. However, this does not thwart the opportunity for Sakina Wajbutu to fall for the doctor and vice versa. Seemingly, the tensions and havoc that surrounds them, brings them closer together. 

I’m truly excited about the novel and hope to have more details soon. In the meantime, I’d like to thank Mahalia again for allowing me to guest post. In the meantime, the best way to follow me and get information is by visiting me at Michael’s blog. http://tabooindeed.blogspot.com

Thank you for your time


Michael Mandrakehttp://tabooindeed.blogspot.com





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  1. It looks great, thank you Hales for having me!

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  3. African Sun sounds wonderful, Rawiya. Congrats!

  4. Sounds great hon, good luck!

  5. African Sun, very, very awesome – I wish you the best!

  6. Thanks for coming to visit and the great replies 🙂

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