OMG It’s My First Release Day!

When I went to bed last night, I knew I’d wake up and see that I’m no longer aspiring but published. After the third cup of coffee it set in. By the fourth cup I was bouncing so hard that it made promoting difficult. I had to go make breakfast. This morning opened a new world of opportunity for me, and I’m embarking on a new journey in life. I AM of course nervous…but only a little. I’m banking on the weaker parts of my personality to keep me going strong when times get tough. So I’ve made it through two sets of edits. I’m still learning and looking everywhere for classes to help me achieve something better. I look at the current works I’m doing now and how much easier the flow is, that sneaky knowledge is taking root! Bad habits are ehh…somewhat disappearing.  However with those disappearing, other ones tend to arise!

The other day  I posted and it was a very hard day for me. I find that even though I have lost my mother, many parts of her still exsist. I got some nice comments that comforted and I’ve found an ever broader array of friends and family in the writing community. That definitely makes the hurt less.  They were right of course, she’s looking down and saying…Don’t do anything half ass… If you’re going to do it go the distance. ..And I’m proud of you.  I wonder if tomorrow I’ll still be as excited as I am this first day of becoming published.




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