I was sitting talking to a new friend and out came this urge to discuss trust in it’s various forms. Fickle by nature, trust is either easily given or earned the hard way. I find in writing my characters don’t trust easily. Is this a direct reflection on my presona? I don’t think so. I give my trust away easily, however if hurt it’s damned hard to earn it back.

This brings to my mind is Trust something greatly affected by how we grew up, the type of home or is it ingrained  a part of us or our personality, without any environmental or personal findings. Infants trust easy because they don’t know fear. So is it then we first become afraid that skews us in another direction.

Whatever the outcome the inability to trust cheats us of a healthy life. I hope to show in my own writing the path of finding people who are trustworthy. Picking friends who are there for the benefit of being a  friend with no hidden agenda. And befriending someone who was never shown how to be a good friend or the traits to look for in a long standing relationship. We were not destined to be alone, or to suffer through occurances without some support system.

I say we’re born into families but as we grow we end up surrounding ourselves with extending family to fill a void we’ve discovered along the rocky road of life.

And there we have it eventually finding or being embraced by our life mate. The one who knows our deepest fears… and chases them away. The one who knows our deepest needs, those even we’re afraid of uttering out loud for whatever reason. The one who heals all wounds but doesn’t balk at keeping it real.

Skillet- Whispers In The Dark

Merikano’s Fury Blurb:

Merikano ‘Dare’ Vardi has finally met his match. The cheetah shifter assigned to protect and serve, falls for Krissy Shuemaker, the boss’ client. Protecting her from herself seems futile, yet he’s determined to do what it takes.

Trading  the comfort of home for the journey of self-discovery, Krissy is ready to follow her dreams on a new path.

When unexpected danger finds her, can the man who ignites feeling best left dead save her from herself. Or will his dark secret shatter any hope for a relationship preventing them from joining for eternity.

~There it is the blurb for my WIP!



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  1. I really liked your blog on trust. I think there is another kind of trust as well; trusting that the universe is for you not against you. When you decide to step out into the unknown hoping for the best and trusting that you’ll be okay and that everything will work out like it’s supposed to. Whew! Well that’s a tough trust.
    No matter how I have been let down in my trust to others, I hope to be trustworthy for myself. I can forgive and learn to trust again. I don’t like feeling guarded but there are some people who have hidden agendas and cannot be trusted. What a shame.
    At any rate, it was a very thought provoking blog, Hales.

  2. Thank you Sarah,
    I like to pick topics that provoke some type of thought. I enjoyed your comment as well.

  3. Hey Hales, what a thought provoking post, I really enjoyed it. You have told me about
    Merikano’s Fury and I am so happy to get a peek at it!
    sounds awesome

  4. Thanks! MF has been a long time in coming since I wrote it before learning anything in the publishing world. I’m happy one of my favorite’s is at a closure! Sad too but happy that others I hope soon will get to see it!

  5. I don’t think about trust much. I pick my friends very carefully and they have proven I can trust them with my tough decisions. I guess It’s an interesting topic, though. Trust betrayed is the end of relationships for lots of people. I’d like to think I’m a bigger person but maybe I haven’t been tested enough! Thanks for making me think…Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, The Shadow of a Dog I Can’t Forget and the upcoming novel Night Surfing

  6. I trust too easily as well. But I’d rather go through life trusting than not trusting. I have a quote here: To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved~George MacDonald.

    I like Sara’s comment, too. Good points!

  7. Mary,

    Thank you for your comment. I never really thought about how deep trust went until I began writing. I found a whole new area of un-chartered territory to write about. If it’s possible to grow stronger in the face of trials and tribulations or if life would be irreparably destroyed. I like to think still that we end up with the support we need. It will be interesting to see as I grow as a writer what will happen in my characters lives.

  8. Liana,

    Amen! The eternal optimist in me sees a silver lining in everything lol. Even in the face of losing innocence and as the naivety wears off and life experience happens, I still offer that olive branch out. Oh btw I love quotes and yours is great!

  9. My hubby tells me I’m too trusting. He’s a skeptic and always looks for what hidden underneath. What do you expect from a retired cop? Smile.

  10. Hales,

    I have another name for trust too -faith. Not just the literal meaning, faith in God and the likes, but it takes faith in yourself, in others, in love and friendship and in human nature to be able to trust. One cannot go without the other for me.
    I also loved the comment about theuniverse being for you and not against you. That’s very true.


  11. Heya Z, yes it does take faith in yourself. I like the universe being for you and not against you too. Too bad it’s not my quote, but I”ll still enjoy it!

  12. What a wonderful post, Hales. You’re a gem, lady.

    Destiny Blaine

  13. Thanks Destiny. You’re a gem too *winks*

  14. George Allwynn

    Hi Hades!

    Thought you got rid of me, eh?

    Seriously though, what you said about trust hits home. I’m way too much of a trusting – and – forgiving person. My mother always said that, my brother always said that, and several friends (even the ones that back stabbed me) said it…

    I know it’s a problem. For me, I think it’s because I want people to like me too much. Either that, or I’m lonely. Maybe it was all that Sunday school learning that got drilled into my head. Maybe it’s all three.

    All I know is, the older I get (I’m 45) the harder it is to keep my heart open – yet somehow I do, and eventually, the rug gets slipped out from under my feet.

    Anyway, girl, you did a great job with it – and your blurb sounds great! If you need a guest blogger sometime, let me know! I miss chatting with ya!

  15. I figured you were off writing a storm! Hugs it’s great to see you!

    Hope you have a good day. Yeah I trust too but I’ve learned to keep it on the dl for a

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