Welcome to breaking my blogger cherry!

I never knew deciding what to blog about for the very first time would be so damn difficult. Hello I’m Mahalia or Hales to those who I’m blessed to know already. I’ve been on this journey to new beginnings, that at times has been great and also a pita. So what will we talk about today? Those who have had the pleasure of hearing my incessant chatter know I can talk forever without breathing… Hmm right now I’m stuck.

About Hales…. Well I am a mother blessed or cursed ( during the teen wars) with one teen and two pre-teens. Two girls and one boy. Wars are constantly waged in my house even though the boy has the run of the finished basement for his permanent home. I grew up in a non-conventional home so I’m liberal I think. Reading was always encouraged in my home growing up. My mother taught me when I was four years old and I’ve been reading ever since. As a punishment when I acted out I had to write pages out of the dictionary and since I stayed deviant I wrote a ton. We moved onto the thesaurus eventually and then raking to leaves in the yard. It seems I enjoyed to write words and sentences. Ask me why never a spelling bee and I’ll tell you I still can’t speak in front of large audiences. *G*

If I remember correctly. My second grade teacher told my mother I’d one day be a writer. I found some things hidden in the attic after my mother passed and in it were all kinds of school assignments from preschool to highschool. My eight page story titled. All the pretty horses rested in that box and the Pony King and Queen had ninety-nine baby horses. I must admit a majority of the pages were the names. It tickled me to no end. I remember having spiral bounds of poems some darker than happy..those were not in there.

Before I knew it I’d grown up had a family and then went to college. Something still was missing. It was writing and one day I found a forum of writers and I found my home. My niche so to speak and I grew confident in honing my imagination piece by piece letting her out again. And then a friend said “Why aren’t you aspiring to publish?” My response was “Who me?”  I have been up for taking on new challenges and so  here I am close to a year later.

Embrace the Moment will be out next May. It is my first contract and I am beyond excited. What inspired me to write it?

I chose to do a submission with Phaze based on their Phaze Rocks theme. I’ve read and loved many stories about performers and boy… did I love them. For mine I wanted to go another direction. Embrace the Moment stems around the Coast Guard, a rescue swim team to be precise. My inspiration came from my play-list and love for musical lyrics and the picture below.

Instead of designing my characters after a genre in music, I decided to design them around the meaning of a line or two in a song.  Each person has their own inner demons or personal issue not allowing them to live a full life.  Writing their journey to finding that special person and owning their destiny is what I aim to achieve. Acer and Lark are the first. The song I found for them that drew me into the Hero’s plight is from Avenged Sevenfold’s Seize the Day.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions and I’ll answer them. Thanks for stopping by.




If only he could be my Acer


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  1. Wow! Your blog looks absolutely fantastic! Plus I have a thing for black and red, lol.

    Been writing since I was 6, so I know what you mean about the need to write.

  2. Hey Hales, glad to read your first blog. You’ve already whetted my appetite for your writing, I am looking forward to all you do!

    Congratulations on your first post!

  3. Congrats on your first blog and on the upcoming “Embrace The Moment”. Great idea, that…to write stories based on musical inspiration. ANd the Coast Gueard…well none better. Have you had a read of Phaze’s “Against The Current”? It’s a Coast Guard rescue mission gone wrong. These men and women are amongst the baravest in all of the services and with a peacetime mission to fullfill, some of the most needed.

    Best of luck with all your writing. I’ve been blogging for a long time and it is one of the most fun parts of my week. You get to know an ever expanding group of readers on a level not possible otherwise. (Don’t expect more than one in one hundred to leave a comment though…they are out htere reading and enjoying getting to know you)

    Hey, y’all…prove me wrong and “talk” to this wonderful new authoress!!

    Christine London

    • Thank you. No I haven’t I’ll have to go grab it. I love the C.G. Well I’m a former Navy girl so goes to stand. I am enjoying myself so far. Nice meeting you. It would boggle my brain if I got ton of replies *G* I’d answer each one though lol or at least I’d try to.


  4. Heya Mahalia! Acer and Lark are one hot couple, let me tell ya. Love ’em! (that’s a huge compliment from moi, one who doesn’t often care for, much less read, het romance. Very few grab my attention as Acer and Lark did. Can’t wait until Embrace the Moment is out. I want to see just what you did with it. Congrats! 🙂


  5. Very nice blog Hales 🙂 I think I lost dozens of my childhood poetry books. Shame really, I sometimes wonder what it was I wrote about back then.

    But hey, live for the day!

    Congrats on the publication! And all the other exciting things going on for you now.


  6. Thank you S.J I do wonder what happened to them. Me too probably teen and parental issues. Glad you stopped by and I’m still very excited!


  7. Nicely done Hales. As you know I’m way proud of you and will be picking up your book when it comes out! I still don’t know how you find time for everything you do you crazy woman! LOL! But seriously..congrats Hales you’ve earned it!

  8. Hey, Hales! Glad you started to blog. I have a time with it too, but your story about how your writing career began is so fascinating. Much success to you.

    • Thanks Lisa lol. Yeah imagine it beginning with punishment lol. You know I was like do I start way before May or do I wait. I figured why not just go ahead and begin now. While I have some breathing room! Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Thanks Ari! I’m excited seems like just a short time ago this was all just for fun a way to fellowship with friends and now a new journey has begun. I don’t have a job lol so it gives my brain ample time to stay busy. Hugs!


  10. Congrats on your first blog! great job…I’m still cherry lol

  11. I loved reading about your early years. Good times. I think a lot of us writers got in troubles growing up- it’s the imagination maybe? haha Your blog looks fantastic and you and Dee are both to blame for that!!!!


    • Thank you Kissa! Yes the impressionable years. Yeah I’d say imagination. Thank Dee she did awesome I just sighed and was like OMG you know me well woman.


  12. Congratulations on you blog and your book! Yummy pic!


  13. HEY Hales!!!!

    Great job on the blog hun, u are the best ever and I sooooo can’t wait for ur book, it’s going to drive me crazy with waiting for it to come out… 🙂

    Love you

  14. Awww don’t feel bad, I’m just teasing…I can wait I promise. *grins* I”m always willing to help u out in anyway hun.

  15. lmao I’m trying to get my book underway but its slow in coming…. 😦 I’m sorry, maybe this long winter will make me write like a mad woman…hehehe

  16. Heya Hales!
    Woot, the website is officially up and RUNNING! Go you!
    Love the look of it, classy & chic without being tacky. You chose a great design.

    Looking forward to reading the new book soon and watching you progress through your career!


  17. Hey Hales,

    Great start on your blog and your book sounds wonderful! Best of luck!

  18. This is a great first time blog, Hales. Everything looks great! I too, have a thing for red and black, sexy…lol
    Keep up the good work, sweetie. Plus you still have to come on the radio show and do an interview. 🙂 I haven’t forgotten.
    Big Hugs,

    • Thanks Raven! I love red and black and I sure do! We’ll navigate the when as May comes closer but until then I will be listening and calling when I can!


  19. Ummmmm could he be my acer too?!

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